Sunday, December 13, 2009

Merry Christmas

I hope everyone is spending a wonderful Holiday with family and friends. The weather certainly didn't help if you were traveling, but better to stay home and be safe if you had to.

I am home today with the flu. It started on Tuesday, and is still here. I opened the shop yesterday at 10:00, but only made it til 11:15 and I had to close. I apologize to the three husbands that I think I let down. I waited as long as I could.

Jeff is at my Mother's having dinner. I felt bad leaving her alone last night, and now not being with them to eat. She's 81 and the last thing she needs is to get the flu. She understands, but still it's hard to be alone on any holiday.

Hard to believe that 2009 is almost over. My Granmother use to say that the older you get the faster time flys, how right she was.

I am not a person who makes New Years resolutions, for me it doesn't work. I am just going to try to make 2010 a better year at the shop and find new ways to make quilting fun and exciting.

We are putting together some classes that we think will be fun, some old favorites will be offered again as well. Always looking for the "different" one.

Lola is working on some fantastic samples and patterns. Celine Perkins of Perkins Dry Goods, let us hang some of her wonderful quilts. Patterns available for all of them. She is one talented and extremely nice lady. Stop in to see them while their on display.

That's all for today, I hope you had a great holiday and look forward to seeing you soon. We will be open on New Years Day from noon - 4:00. HUGE Sale..... don't miss it.


Friday, December 4, 2009

Snow Flake Sale in progress

Our 2 nd Annual "Snowflake Sale" is in progress. Time to clear out some of the older bolts and make room for the new ones - they'll start arriving in late January and continue.

Yesterday was a little crazy, we have about 250 bolts left with the flakes on them, as promised, we'll be adding more as the days go by. The 60% off bolts are dwindling down. I must have cut 150 yards yesterday.

I also want to say Thank you to Mary E. for her donation to our Birthday Buddies toy drive. She was kind enough to stop in for the sale and drop off 7 different toys - Checkers, Candy Land, Chess/Checkers combos a card game and yahtzee. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!

For her donation, Mary got her name entered into our drawing for the Tutto Tote and Goodies.... she now has 7 entries.

Please stop in and take advantage of our "Snowflake Sale" and drop off a toy for a child who otherwise may not receive a gift on their birthday.

That's it for tonight... going home to relax, been a crazy week since the sale started.

Keep warm - it's only 18 degrees out there. BRRRR

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Birthday Buddies Toy Drive

As many of you know, Birthday Buddies is a non-profit organization started by my Sister and myself in 2006. We provide birthday parties in a bag for families in need. (

With the economy in the shape it's in, the demand for our help has grown.

Fabric Town and Bear Patch Quilt shop in White Bear Lake are hosting a toy drive to help collect the much needed toys.

For each NEW - unwrapped toy you donate, your name will go into the drawing for this Quilter's Tutto Tote bag. The bag is full of notions, fabrics, thread, kits and more. There are two bags, one at each shop.

The drawing is on Saturday, February 13, 2010. What a great Valentine's day gift to give yourself... or someone you love.

Monique's School of Dance in Apple Valley is also hosting a toy drive for us, they are going to draw for a quilt.

Please stop in today and drop off your donations. Help us give a child their "Special Day" .
(all donations are tax deductible)


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Getting into the Holiday Spirit

There's something warm and wonderful about Holiday Decorations.
Sunday, we took out the tree and set it in it's place of honor - the front window.
Red and Gold ornaments and small red - sheer bows. Nothing fancy, just cozy and inviting. Next to it is the antique rocker that I purchased from a friend and a quilt given to me by one of my employees. (click on the photo)

Between the warmth of the lights and Bing singing in the background,
makes you feel kind of nostalgic.
I went to the mall to walk the other morning. I love the way some of the shops decorate.
What I really dislike are the signs that say "Gifts make Christmas Merry".
That's a pretty sad statement. What ever happened to "Family" makes the Holidays special.
My favorite holiday has always been Thanksgiving. It bothers me to put the Christmas decorations up before then but I guess when you're in retail - it's expected. (the Christmas fabrics start arriving in May) This year we're having our Snowflake Sale start the day after Thanksgiving - we usually wait til after Christmas. It was requested numerous times so we'll give it a whirl.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Be safe always, but especially if you're traveling.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Congratulations to Shirley Prindle!!!
She is the lucky winner of the Radiant Star Lottey Blocks.
13 blocks were returned. This is a perfect number to make a wonderful Holiday Quilt or several tablerunners for friends and family.
We will be starting our Spring Lottery Block soon.
Don't miss your chance to take home a Quilt top for $3.50.
Thank you, to all who entered.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Camp Lebanon.... close to Heaven.

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to be in "Quilter's Heaven", I can tell you.

Camp Lebanon, Upsalsa, MN. You have to come here to understand. First there's Lisa, she is in charge of the camp and is one of the sweetest ladies you can imagine. Then there's the facility in general.... a spacious camp full of well lit, cozy cottages and buildings to house all the Quilter's and Scrapbookers. And what do Quilter's like as much as quilting?? Eating!!!!!
Jim is the chef. If he were to go on the "Top Chef" tv show, he would win - hands down.
The meals are delicious and plentiful. If you leave the table hungry, it's your own fault. It is guaranteed that there is something for everyone.

The camp overlooks Cedar Lake. From the wrap around deck you can stand and watch the coots dive under the water for food. They even have a Zip line for those looking for adventure. (I am not one of those people).

Fabric Town was asked to come and teach and vend for a week. Not knowing what to expect, I packed the truck full of kits, fat quarters etc. I set up a mini shop in the game room. Also my sewing machine and sewing areas for Becky and Kim. All of us are scheduled to teach a class during our stay.

To make this short... the quilter's here are the friendliest ladies. They made me feel very welcome and appreciated all I brought with me. If the shop looks a little empty and naked for awhile, blame it on them.

I will try to take a few photo's and share them with you on my next post.


Monday, October 19, 2009

Gotta love her...

I have had the flu for a few days so I'm scrambling to catch up on the things I have to do to get ready for our 3rd "Boo Bash"
for Birthday Buddies. It's this coming Saturday and I'm a little behind.

I'm responsible for making up the baskets for the silent auction. So far, these will include a Java Lover's, Chocolate Lover's, Wine Sampler and Pamper Yourself Basket.

While I was setting up the items on the table to see exactly what I had for each, I set the empty baskets on the floor.

I guess from the looks of it we will have to add "Lily Basket" to our list. The description will read something like this:

Basket Contains "Lily Jane" 1 1/2 year old Medium Hair Tabby. Comes complete with hours of non-stop Naughtyness, Curiosity and playfulness. As an added bonus you will get hours of unconditional love and purring. (Warning: sleeps on your head or feet) We usually give you an estimate of the value of the basket... in this case "Priceless".

That furry little bundle makes Jeff's and my world go round.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

On the Road again....

All packed up and ready to leave for the "Eureka" Quilt Show in Rochester. Set up starts at 1:00 tomorrow afternoon. It usually takes us about 3 - 4 hours. This is the last show we have until the end of October.

Our Plymouth show was fantastic. Nice group of ladies and the talent that was displayed was second to none. I fell in love with a Log Cabin (no surprise there) done all in Civil War Repro prints. Put that on my list of future quilts to do.... now to find the booth that sells "TIME" and I'll be all set. Could use those extra roll over minutes you hear about on TV - not to talk, to add to my daily hours. Maybe then I could get something done. In order for me to get the quilts on my "to do list" done, I'll need to live to 106.

If you stop in the shop this weekend and notice that the walls are a little bare and the shelves look a little empty - it's my fault. I took alot of quilts, wallhangings, pincushions etc. with me. All will be back on Monday and back up for all to enjoy.

Hope this weather holds out a little longer, what a perfect day it turned out to be. If you decide to take a little road trip this weekend - come visit us at the show.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Enjoying the Quilt Show

What a great way to spend a few days. We are one of 3 vendors at the St. Lukes Quilt Show in Hastings. This is their first quilt show and it's off to a great start.
The ladies displayed their quilts in the most unique manor. They folded them in half and draped them over each pew... they must have had 300 or more on display. I wish the photo turned out better but the lighting wasn't the best. It rained so the stained glass windows didn't illuminate the room. The windows are fantastic when the sun is out.

Lola's "Starlit Paths" was one of the quilts on the alter. That's one of her Quilt Company Patterns and this particular quilt was made from a kit at our shop. I was glad she came to the show to see it. I was also pleased to see quite a few quilts on display that were from kits purchased at Fabric Town.
I recognize alot of the guild members from their visits to the shop. These ladies are very nice and friendly - something to be said for a small town guild.

My thanks to them for having us vend at their show. It has been a pleasure.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Our Butterfly....

Lily is getting ready for Halloween. I know you could tell right away that she was a Butterfly.... so obvious. She met Jeff at the door in costume and you had to see his face.
We still miss Quahog. Going from a dog to a cat was a change - but Lily made it easy. She keeps us laughing with her antics. She's very loveable and extremely vocal.She lets you know exactly what she wants or doesn't.
I hope you enjoy the "Butterfly" photo, we thought it was cute. You've gotta love the antenna hat.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Having more fun with wool...

I'm having so much fun learning how to work with wool. This pin cushion started out at 10:00 this morning as just two strips of cream wool and some small pieces of pink and green. I'm going to the shop tonight to get a few more colors and see what I can do with them.
Many thanks to Laurel from Bear Patch in White Bear Lake and Roseann from Rosebud's Cottage in St. Paul. They gave me the instructions for making the cream base. I never knew how to correctly felt wool. They both have wonderful wool projects in their shops, I'm learning from the pros.
Working on a small table topper - also wool. Cute for fall with a rust candle in the middle. Will take a pic when it's done.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

5th Quilt "Sewcial"

It's a Go!!! Carrie from Old Chicago called and we got our date booked.

Mark your Calendars for Saturday, February 13, 2010.

The fun begins at 9:00 AM.....

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Halloween - The fun Begins

Fall means one thing.... Halloween !!!! A few Pumpkins, gourds and a little paint - there you have it. Fantastic decorations on the cheap.

Yesterday, one of our Fabric Sales Reps brought me a beautiful mum. I would call it a Merlot color. It has to have 500 buds on it, only a few flowers open -so it should last awhile.

My deck is going to be very "fallish" soon. I have my pumpkins, mum and just a few orange candles burning at night and I'm all set.

Working on my costume for the Birthday Buddies 2nd Boo Bash. It's held at CR's Billiards in Coon Rapids. Last year it was alot of fun, I went as a Banana... had the flu so I didn't get to stay for the entire evening - this year, I plan on being there til the end. We have raffles, silent auctions and drawings. Great way to enjoy the night with other "crazies" dressed up, plus we raised a considerable amount to help make the gift bags for the children. If you have a costume and no place to go, please join us on October 24th at CR Billiards. Go to the Birthday Buddies website for more information ( Have fun and help a good cause at the same time, now that's a win-win situation.

Gotta go finish up my painting, want my display done by tomorrow.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fun at our 4th Quilt "Sewcial"

Yesterday, September 12th, we held our 4th Quilt "Sewcial" at Old Chicago Banquet Center in Apple Valley..

30 "Sewcialites" attended and the mix was fantastic. Everyone started arriving at 9:00 AM and within a half hour projects were underway.

Patti H. took some photo's and she will be updating our web site to post all of them. The two here are a few she took. The mugs filled with Chocolate were gifts for all that attended.

Also shown here is Steve Wilson, better known to our attendees as "Stevie Wonderhands" - (dubbed that by Becky Bielke) He arrived at 5:00 gave his unbelievable massages..... not only nice, good lookin' and friendly - his hands are golden. After an entire day of quilting, eating and laughing.... we were glad to see Steve arrive. Next year he's going to arrange to have the entire day available for us and arrive early in the afternoon.

The menu stayed the same this year, but we have decided we're going to mix it up a little next time. Old Chicago has great pizza but I do think it's time for something else. The request was for Lasagna or Spaghetti..... can do
Next time we are going to plan to have show and tell right after dinner.... that way you can eat and relax a little before getting back to sewing. One thing that I personally enjoy is seeing the projects that everyone has made, so next time it is going to be a scheduled part of our day.
Many requested that we pick the date for our 5th "Sewcial" now, so they could plan in advance. The new date we are considering is Saturday, February 13th, 2010. I have to check with Carrie at Old Chicago to make sure the date is open. If it is, we will post it here and on the website.
To all who attended, thank you. I look forward to planning our next sewcial and making it even more enjoyable.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

There's something about Mary...

No, not the movie... Mary Rickart. Many of you know Mary from your visits to the shop. She helps us out from time to time making kits, helping with customers as well as co-hosting our Civil War Miniatures club. Mary is one of those people that can do anything - and do it well.

Here are a few of the new wool projects that she made in the past 2 weeks - yes, 2 weeks. She is also working on other projects for herself as well as the shop.... makes a person feel a little inadequate. (I bet her house is clean too!)
These two table toppers are really fun for the holidays, just add a candle in the center or a bowl of candy and it would compliment any room. Do them in different colors and you could use them for any occassion.
These stockings are fantastic. Her color selection is what makes them. The ornaments just sparkle and the snowmen are cute as can be.

Many thanks Mary, your efforts are greatly appreciated by not only myself - but everyone who gets to enjoy your fantastic samples. You inspire us all.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I'm on a roll....

Today, I finished my second Fall project in 2 weeks. For me that's a real feat. The photo doesn't do it justice. It's appliqued onto a warm tan linen background and then stippled. The leaves and bucket have detailing and it really added a more realistic feel to it.

I decided not to just sew a fabric frame on it for a wall hanging, I wanted it framed like a picture. The frame is black and plain. Looks pretty nice.

I really enjoy working with the warm rich colors of fall. Makes me think about hot chocolate and casseroles for dinner.

Our "Spooktacular Ghost Event" started today. Visit us between today and October 28th and receive a "Ghost" with every purchase.

Then bring back the "Ghosts" you've collected between October 29 - 31st to redeem your "Ghosts" for a discount on purchases. You may redeem up to five "Ghosts" at one time for a possible discount 0f 25% - 50%. (If you participated in our "Egg Event", you know how much fun it was).

That's all for tonight, now that I mentioned casseroles I just remembered I haven't had any dinner. Think I'll grab a bite then go home and read my new Quilt Sampler Magazine. One of my favorite things to do.


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wonderfully Lazy Sunday.

Today, was just a kick back kind of day. We're still moving so we packed a few boxes, took alot of stuff to Goodwill and then just sat around and veg'd.

With the hectic pace we've been keeping, the fantastic weather combined with a peaceful deck gave us the much needed down time.

Hope everybody got a chance to enjoy the day.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

My "Sew and Tell"

I've said it before and I'll say it again... Terry Atkinson Rocks!!! Here is my "Fire Escape" quilt that I made at Terry's Shop Owners Retreat in July. (excuse the strange way it's displayed, I just pinned it up on the bolts so I could get a quick shot before I went home)

This in one of the nicest quilt patterns I've made in a long while. As always, it was easy to understand and fun to make. I know this one's going to be a hit so I doubled my pattern order. Kits are all cut and just waiting for the patterns to arrive. If you would like a kit, give the shop a call and we'll put one aside with your name on it.

When you stop in the shop, look at the fun quilting that Patti H. (Quilts from the Trail) did on it. She always knows exactly what's going to enhance each quilt. Kudo's to her for the fantastic job. Also, if I hadn't gotten my Bernina from Bear Patch my seams wouldn't be as accurate. I had been using a featherweight and it sewed OK but I was not very consistant on my 1/4". I love my new machine and it's really made me want to sew . Thank you Laurel.

While I write this, Lily Jane is laying on my lap, purring and watching the words as I type. She is quite the character. We love her dearly... just wish that she'd set her alarm for a little later than 5:30 in the morning. That's the time she starts pouncing us.

Have a good day tomorrow Patti

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Autumn, my favorite season...

Just finished my wool table runner. Great project, especially if you've never worked with wool - it's the most forgiving medium. Just stitch around the edges with a primitive stitch or a button hole stitch and it's done.. The part you're seeing in the photo is only half of it, the other side is the same with a nice space in the middle to put a harvest candle.

This adorable wall hanging was made by Becky's daughter Christy. Hard to believe it's her first attempt at working with wool. She is very good at it and has made several wonderful samples for you to enjoy.

I love to decorate around the house or the shop with Holiday dishes, vases etc. I was at a thrift shop and found these "Leaf" dishes and was thrilled. There are 4 to the set, 2 smaller green ones (not pictured) and these two.
They are alot larger than they appear in this photo. We have the large one on the table holding a few kits for a table runner Theresa made.
The smaller one is holding the kits for my wool project.
The added touches really add to the Fall feeling.

I don't know if it's the wonderful cool - crisp nights that I like so much. Maybe it's the colors. One thing for sure - I love pumpkins and Mums. Pretty soon my deck will have both on it and I'm sure the shop will too.

Stop in and check out our new fall and winter fabrics and projects. We've got something for everyone.

Later, Patti

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Birthday Buddies 2nd Golf Tournament

What a fantastic day for our 2nd Annual Birthday Buddies Golf Tournament held at Majestic Oaks. You couldn't have asked for better weather or turn out. Last year it was pouring rain and cold. (for this year -just in case, Nancy bought rain slickers for each cart).

Just a few shots here, but to see the entire event go to

Nancy and I wore the extremely attractive hats most of the day.... not much the Donahue sisters wouldn't do for the cause. Dave "Hooner" was there, he's one of our best friends and a great supporter of Birthday Buddies, he never misses an event.

There had to be about 40 golfers in all. They played "Shotgun" style, with something special at several of the holes. After they came in we had a catered dinner while we did our silent auction and raffle.

One luck winner won a spa package worth $810 that included six 40-minute facials, six 1-hour massages and several other fantastic treatments and products. There were also lots of golf, beer, wine and sports items, as well as gift certificates to many nice restaurants. We've found cmopanies in the Twin Cities are most generous in donating to Birthday Buddies and we thank each and every one of them. With out the support of others, we couldn't continue. OUr next even we have planned. . . .

"Boo Bash"
October 24th at CR Billards in Coon Rapids

This is our annual Halloween Costume Party. Mark your calendars - it's for a good cause and tons of fun. I have already started working on my costume - I went as a banana last year nad Nan went as a "Gothic Princess". The photo of us together is posted on the web site ... the Donahue Sister's for a good cause again.

Looks like today is going to turn out to be a wonderful day too. I'm still in the process of moving so after work I will keep plugging along with that.

Enjoy the day!


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rosebuds Cottage Joins Birthday Buddies!!!

Roseann from "Rosebud's Cottage" has joined the Birthday Buddies Team.

Rosebud's Cottage will be a drop-off site for toys and supplies needed to complete our birthday bags.

With the economy in its current state, the demand from families has grown. We are working very hard to insure that every child's special day is an eventful one. Many of these families never thought they would be in a situation where they required help. When jobs are lost or sickness drains a family financially - birthdays fall low on the priorities list. Our goal is to see that every child receives a custom built birthday party in a bag.

We now have 3 locations to drop off items or make donations. For more information on how you can help, check out our website at

Thank you Roseann, for supporting Birthday Buddies.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Goodbye Old Friend....

The fair ended, hard to say Goodbye to all my new friends. This fine specimen won a few ribbons and as you can see is lookin' pretty darn proud.

Well, back to the shop and to the normal routine. Have several upcoming shows to get ready for.

Putting the class schedule together and getting the new samples done. We've got a busy fall and winter planned.

Schedule should be on our web site Sept. 1st, some fun classes coming up. Offering a few of the ones we had last time - per request. So if life got in the way of you taking one you wanted, check and see if it's offered again.

Anyway.... The fair is over, No more Cotton Candy, Corn Dogs, Gyros or Italian Ice. I guess if I get desperate I can go to the State Fair. To all the Weight Watchers leaders that might be reading this - I'm just kidding. I'm using my points on fruits and veggies!!!


Friday, August 14, 2009

Back at the Fair

This is what happens when you have
an entire bag of Cotton Candy for
breakfast... the sugar buzz lasts
all day !!!

Got here this morning and immediately put the fan on. We have a pretty nice breeze from the side doors but pray the breeze doesn't come from the ends... that's where the cows are. Where there's cows - there's "used" straw, and after 6 very hot and humid days it gets odiferous.

This was one of those times when you call it a learning experience and let it go at that.

Have contacted the State Fair and they are sending me information about doing the 2010 fair. That sounds like fun and would be a wonderful place to promote the shop.

Tomorrow ends this fair and the Quilt Minnesota Shop Hop. I hope everyone had fun at both events. We enjoyed seeing everyone and look forward to the hop next year. Nothing better than an event that brings quilter's together.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

"Radiant" Christmas Lottery Block

Here it is.... our 2009 Christmas Lottery Block.

This is the 7th Lottery block we have done and we think we have a real winner this time. We decided to go with more traditional colors this year.

For those who don't know how it works:

You stop in the shop and purchase a kit for $3.50. In the kit you receive all the fabrics and pattern to make 1 block.

You make up the block and turn it in to Fabric Town. Your name and phone number will go into the "Lottery".

All blocks must be turned into the shop by October 31st. On November 1st, we will draw a name from the entrants and that will be the Lucky winner of the Radiant blocks.

In the event of 40+ blocks being turned in (like one year), we divide them so that we have a couple of winners.

This is your chance to win a quilt top for as little as $3.50

Keep in mind that the more blocks you turn in, the better your chance of winning. Also, please turn in your blocks as soon as you get them done.... everyone gets excited as they watch the wall fill up.

Don't miss the fun...stop in today and pickup your block kit(s).


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Corn Dogs, Italian Ice and Pork Chop on a stick.... need I say more!!!

What a great way to spend a day. I sat in my booth, watching the fair goers and chatting with alot of our customers. Seems like everyone goes to the fair.

Here are a few shots of our booth, just took a few quilts and some cuts of fabric. Since the Quilt Minnesota Shop Hop is still going on, I did not want to strip the shop. These quilts give a little taste of what's at Fabric Town.

I really want to thank everyone for stopping and expressing how they feel and the wonderful compliments on the changes to the shop. We are still a work in progress but have made some headway. Hopefully when this economy finally does an about face, we can continue with the renovation. Knowing that our efforts are appreciated makes us want to continue to improve.

I did manage to get out of my booth and enjoyed a few "Eats". Corn dogs are a weakness and I haven't had one in many years. The one I had yesterday was so tasty that I may just have to enjoy another today. Italian ice.... Raspberry and Lemon together - what a taste sensation. When the temperature hits 85 and is humid, Italian Ice to the rescue. For dinner I tried the pork chop on a stick. It was delicious, right off the grill. Tried not to think of the piglets as I was licking my fingers. They had chicken on a stick too, but because of these little guys ...

...I couldn't do it. That was one vision that I had a hard time getting past. Also, watching them hatch was amazing.

That about wrapped up my 2nd day at the fair. I don't go back til Friday. So, if you're stopping by I'll see you then.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hot Summer Days at the Fair

Yesterday was the first day of the Dakota County Fair in Farmington.

This is the first time Fabric Town has had a booth and I wasn't sure what to expect. So far it has been alot of fun. I've seen a lot of our customers, chatted with some friendly ladies that are interested in taking classes and also a few gentlemen. Nice to share stories with the men about the quilts they had as children. Many still have the worn out, very loved quilts their grandmothers made them. Nothing like an heirloom to pass down, no matter what the condition.

I did get a chance to check out the animals. OK, so the piglets are not tiny. I expected about 5 lbs and pink... 40 pounds and all colors. I found out that they were as afraid of me as I was of them.

Goats were the next to be viewed. I petted a couple that were friendly and glad to have someone rub their heads. Turns out they have been bottle fed since birth so they are more like dogs.
From there I went to the Cow barn.... HUGE!!! Don't know much about farm animals but I was perceptive enough to know which were Dairy Cows. Didn't know the difference in a Bull and a Steer... OUCH!!! I know now -sorry Fella's.

I haven't tried any of the food yet. The corn dogs look pretty tasty and the "Fresh Squeezed Lemonade" sounds refreshing. I will have to give them a try when I get a break.

I'm bringing some hand work with me today. The hours for the fair are 10:00 AM until 10:00 PM, so I'll need something to do while sitting here. I thought about bringing my machine but there's not enough room.

Hope you can make it out to see us!


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hoppin' Right Along

What a fantastic Day for Hoppin'. Couldn't ask for better weather than we had today.

I wanted to share with everyone the cute tote bag that Becky made.

This was our project using not only the Quilt Minnesota Fabric but a clever way to display all the charms that were given out by the Metro section the past 2 years and now this year as well.

We made up kits for the tote and I have a feeling we'll be sold out this weekend.

I've been keeping track of all the different places the quilter's visiting for the hop are coming from. We saw one from Missouri and Idaho to add to the list. The lady from Idaho had never been to a shop hop before and can't wait to tell her friends how much fun she had. She's going to get me her friend's email address (she doesn't have a computer) so I can let her know the dates for next year. That's the kind of thing that makes this all worthwhile.
Hope tomorrow is as nice and that everyone is enjoying themselves.


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Quilt Minnesota Shop Hop - Day 3

Quilt Minnesota is off to a good start. Today, we didn't have more than a few minutes without "Hoppers" in the shop.

It's great to see all the Quilter's that came to Minnesota to take part in this event. So far we have had visitors from Oregon, Atlanta, Kansas City, 3 from California, Alaska and Portugal. The comments have been wonderful, they love the shops and think we are very friendly.

One lady wanted my web site address as well as any other shop websites that I could give her to pass on to her friends. She said her guild likes to sit together and browse sites. I gave her the Quilt MN newspaper and she was grateful. Now they can brew a pot of coffee and surf.

We have a booth at the Dakota County Fair this year. The fair runs from Aug. 10 - 16. This is the first time we have done the fair so it'll be interesting. I'm just looking forward to seeing all the fair goers, the quilts and possibly holding a baby piglet. Being a city girl - farm animals are a novelty. I was told not to hold the piglet until I was about to go home - dirty and smelly. So if you come to our booth and one of us is dirty and smelly, I guess that person held a piglet.

I have been on my feet since early this morning, time to sit and relax. I think I'll work on the last block of my 30's Block of the Month. It's really turning out cute. I have several ideas for the finishing kit - hope to be able to work on it at the fair.

Have a nice day tomorrow.


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Terry Atkinson Rocks!!!!!

Just got home from Terry Atkinson's Shop Owners Retreat.
This is my 3rd time attending and it never ceases to amaze me - when you don't think it can, it gets better each time. From the wonderful accommodations at "Bridge Creek Cottage" to the indescribable meals prepared for us by Jason. Terry even arranges for a masseuse to come and gently massage us into a peaceful, relaxed state.

In our group this year were shop owners from as far as Atlanta and Seattle. Julie from Seattle was a familiar face, she attended with us before as well as Shelly from the Quilted Forest in Forest City, IA. Karen was from Siren, WI, Melissa - Atlanta, Julie - Eau Claire, and Jeannie -Block Party Studios - IA. Several Owners from our Local shops were participants, Laurel from Bear Patch, Roseanne from Rosebuds Cottage, Sue from Gruber's and Elaine from Silver Lane. All the ladies were a joy to be with. Quilts are not the only things made at Terry's retreats, wonderful friendships are formed.

Our first night we had a Charity Quilt contest. We were divided into 3 groups and given a kit and pattern for Terry's "Piecrust Pileup". The object was to get the quilt top cut, sewn and pressed faster than the other teams. It was fast and fun.... 12 women laughing, sewing and having a great time. Within 38 minutes we had our top done. WE WON....

The finished tops will be quilted and donated to different charities.

I'm thinking of having an event like this at the shop. We can choose a charity and then have a
sew in. Who wouldn't want to be part of something that helps others and is fun at at the same time?

Yesterday started the Quilt Minnesota's State wide shop hop. I hope everyone is planning on "Hopping". A lot of shops have put forth an extra effort to have many new, creative samples, kits and ideas to make your quilting experience the best possible. Enjoy yourselves, drive carefully and have fun.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Birthday Buddies needs your help

Many of you know what Birthday Buddies is. For those not familiar, it's a non-profit organization to help families in need provide Birthday Parties for their Children. It was started a few years ago by my sister Nancy and myself.
We work with Social Services, Guidance Counselors and County and State organizations in 5 counties.
Right now, the need for supplies to make up the gift bags is great.
With the economy the way it is, the demand for help is more than we ever imagined. So, I am asking for your help.
Fabric Town is taking up a collection again for New Unwrapped toys, Cake Mix and Frosting, Childrens Party plates and napkins and as always monetary donations. If you would like to see the type of items we need or read more about us, go to
Any donations would be greatly appreciated. Also, a special Thank You to all of you who donated books, dvd's and video's to our garage sale. I will let you know how it goes. I have not seen all the donations but Nancy says her living room if full of boxes and bags.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lady Lily

As promised, here is a picture of the newest addition to our family, Lady Lily Jane!

I will post more pictures later when I have some time.


Monday, May 18, 2009

Perfect day to be in the garden....

What a great day to be outside. For once the forecast matched the weather.

My garden is taking shape. I planted most of my flowers and got the hanging baskets on their hooks. I'm not much of a gardener but I do love to putz with my hosta garden and then a couple of baskets for color. This year I went with Red geraniums,Purple petunias and Violet million bells. Add in the coleus and a spike or two and there you have it... Patti's summer garden.

Last year I planted a few Clematis on a trellis. They were small and didn't do much. Becky is my Garden Guru... you should see her garden - Unbelievable. She told me not to take off the dead clematis vines and stems from last year. That would give the new growth this year, a place to grab on to. Well, it sure did. The vines are about 2 - 3 feet off the ground and have lots of buds on them. When it finally blooms it should be colorful. Will try to get a photo to show you. Not too good yet at adding photo's to my blogs.

Jeff and I have been enjoying a new addition to our family. We lost Quahog our 12 1/2 yr old Boston Terrier in March. Since then we have not had much luck with new dogs... so we decided to go to the Humane Society and adopt a 1 yr. old medium haired Tabby Cat. Her name is Lily Jane. She's GREAT!!! Hits the litter box everytime, not naughty like a puppy and sleeps all night without bugging us - actually, she sleeps with us at the top of the bed.

Watching her play with her toys and chase bugs is very entertaining and funny. She can be occupied for half an hour with an ant. While I write this, she is watching chipmunks on the hill. What an intense stare. Will get a picture of her on the next blog along with the flowers. Patti H. will put her on the website as soon as she gets a minute.

A cat is not like having a dog, but with my schedule it fits in better. I can't always get home to let a dog out and that's unfair to the dog. Someday I hope to have another Quahog... for me there will always be a hole until we do. Lily is going to be a wonderful pet and I am glad to have her.

If you're ever looking for a pet and don't want to train a puppy or kitten, go to the Humane Society. There are alot of really nice pets waiting to be adopted. Everyone wants a cute little puppy or kitty but if you get one that's just a little older and housebroken or litter box trained it is so much easier. When it comes to animals, I'm a softy. Seeing them in the cages waiting for someone to take them to their "forever" home is sad. I don't doubt that somewhere down the road Lily may get a brother or sister.

Well, better go. Time to close up the doors, Seems the June Bugs are out and someone is going to scratch my screens to shreds. Who needs Orkin when you have a "Lily"?

Happy gardening - and Quilting of course.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Where does the time go???

They say that time flys when you're having fun. I must be having the "funnest" time of my life because it is flying by so fast I barely have a chance to breath.

Things at the shop are really picking up. We are all trying to get ready for the "Twin Cities Shop til you Drop Tour" - April 30th thru May 2nd. Hard to believe it's in a little over a week. This is an event that we truly enjoy. Working together with the Twin Cities shops is alot of fun, what a great group of ladies.

After that event we are participating in the "Minnesota Quilter's" show in Duluth, June 11th thru 13th We haven't done this show in years and are looking forward to it. We have alot of new samples and kits to audition. Pam from "Piece By Piece" patterns will be in our booth with several new Quilts. From what I have seen, she has out done herself. Stop by and meet her, she's a neat lady.

Then we move on to July... "Quilt Minnesota 2009 - State wide Shop Hop" starts July 31 thru August 16th. If you haven't participated in the past.... don't miss out. Check our website for more information - we even have bus tours to make your Hop easier.

At the same time, we will be vending at the "Dakota County Fair" in Farmington. This is a first time we will be part of the fair and are excited about it.

September 12th is our 4th "Quilt Sewcial". This is a one day retreat at Old Chicago Conference Center in Apple Valley. 32 - 35 quilter's get together for a day of Sewing, Eating and making new friends. Check out our website for a tour of the last 2 Sewcials. Want to spend time with people who enjoy the same passion as you do... call and reserve your spot today. (we fill up fast so don't delay).

To list a few more events without going into too much detail: October - Vend at the Women of the West quilt show. November - vend at Camp Lebanon. and the list goes on.

I am really excited about everything we have planned for the rest of the year. Things are jumpin' and that is how I like it. Yes, I'm a "type A" personality.... hate to sit around and get bored if I'm not working on something. One thing can be said about having the shop - never a dull moment.

In between all of this, Jeff and I hope to work on getting the new shelves painted and in place. Work on areas of the shop that still need to be updated and then go from there. The face lift at Fabric Town is taking a while but when we finally get it done I know everyone will be pleased with the changes.

Better go for now, time to get cleaned up and get to work.

Enjoy the wonderful Spring day.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

An enjoyable day with friends.

Our 3rd Quilt "Sewcial" was held on Saturday, Feb.7th at Old Chicago - Banquet Center.

We got started at 9:00 AM and wrapped it up at 11:00 PM. An entire day to sew, eat and make new friends. This time, we had 33 attendees. Many have attended all 3 of our events and this time we were joined by 7 new faces. It is always wonderful to see the friendships that are formed while doing what we all enjoy - Quilting.

I personally got alot done. My sewing time is limited so this was perfect for me. I am working on an applique wall quilt with a summer theme .... NO, not needleturn, fusible. I hope to have it done and in the shop soon. It is one of those fun wall quilts that add a fun touch to any home.

The show and tell was fantastic. It is so inspiring to see what other quilter's make. Gary Benway makes alot of samples for the shop, he attended this time and brought some quilts to share. I think that is an understatement...he brought about 10 huge quilts. Very talented man. Becky Bielke was working on a Buggy Barn "Dog" quilt and it was great. Vickie Brownell was assembling her civil war miniature quilt - when I say miniature I mean SMALL. She belongs to our Civil War Miniature Club and is making the first quilt in the series. Her little 9 patch was perfect. Jennifer Zimmerman was making doll dresses and they were so adorable. And the list goes on. It was great to say the least.

New fabrics are arriving daily, spent yesterday putting out the new Kansas Troubles line "Wildflower Serenade". As always, warm - rich colors. Some fun fabrics coming soon.

Gotta go, my day off and I have a million things to do.

Have a nice day - get some quilting done.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Special Find....

25 years ago, I started collecting Belleek. Belleek is Irish china. It is lovely to look at but hard to handle - it's eggshell thin. I have been in love with it since I first saw it, at my Nana's home in Boston. Nana and my Grand Father came to this country from Ireland where they settled . She shared her love of Belleek with my Mother who in turn shared it with me.

I have a wonderful collection, but have always wanted a cup and saucer with the "Black" logo on the bottom. The black logo means it is one of the first piece's ever made. I have many pieces with the green logo or brown, but the black is hard to find. And when you do find one, they are priced at $150 - $200.

Two weeks ago I was looking at Belleek on Ebay, just to see what they were getting for select pieces. I just happened to see that someone had a cup and saucer offered with a starting bid of $15. That I found hard to believe, then I saw the picture of the bottom of the cup... the "Black" Logo. I can tell you it was a rush - here was my chance to get it. So I placed a bid. I decided not to go any higher than $50. The auction ended in 3 hours.

I watched it every half hour until it got to the final 15 minutes, then I stayed glued to my screen. I looked at lots of sites, Antique Quilts, Featherweights and China Teapots... but kept going back to my bid. Nobody had bid anything on it. The final 8 minutes someone bid it up to $20. I waited but had my bid ready to go - the last 30 seconds I put in the bid for $24.45 and WON.

Here it is, my newest treasure.....

The "Black" Logo

I have another cup and saucer set (green logo) and am tempted to make a cup of tea using it. Then sit on my couch wrapped in a quilt and enjoy going through my Quilt Sampler Magazines. That is one of my favorite things to do, now to add the Belleek and it would be heavenly.

Keep Warm