Sunday, August 2, 2009

Quilt Minnesota Shop Hop - Day 3

Quilt Minnesota is off to a good start. Today, we didn't have more than a few minutes without "Hoppers" in the shop.

It's great to see all the Quilter's that came to Minnesota to take part in this event. So far we have had visitors from Oregon, Atlanta, Kansas City, 3 from California, Alaska and Portugal. The comments have been wonderful, they love the shops and think we are very friendly.

One lady wanted my web site address as well as any other shop websites that I could give her to pass on to her friends. She said her guild likes to sit together and browse sites. I gave her the Quilt MN newspaper and she was grateful. Now they can brew a pot of coffee and surf.

We have a booth at the Dakota County Fair this year. The fair runs from Aug. 10 - 16. This is the first time we have done the fair so it'll be interesting. I'm just looking forward to seeing all the fair goers, the quilts and possibly holding a baby piglet. Being a city girl - farm animals are a novelty. I was told not to hold the piglet until I was about to go home - dirty and smelly. So if you come to our booth and one of us is dirty and smelly, I guess that person held a piglet.

I have been on my feet since early this morning, time to sit and relax. I think I'll work on the last block of my 30's Block of the Month. It's really turning out cute. I have several ideas for the finishing kit - hope to be able to work on it at the fair.

Have a nice day tomorrow.


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