Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Birthday Buddies needs your help

Many of you know what Birthday Buddies is. For those not familiar, it's a non-profit organization to help families in need provide Birthday Parties for their Children. It was started a few years ago by my sister Nancy and myself.
We work with Social Services, Guidance Counselors and County and State organizations in 5 counties.
Right now, the need for supplies to make up the gift bags is great.
With the economy the way it is, the demand for help is more than we ever imagined. So, I am asking for your help.
Fabric Town is taking up a collection again for New Unwrapped toys, Cake Mix and Frosting, Childrens Party plates and napkins and as always monetary donations. If you would like to see the type of items we need or read more about us, go to
Any donations would be greatly appreciated. Also, a special Thank You to all of you who donated books, dvd's and video's to our garage sale. I will let you know how it goes. I have not seen all the donations but Nancy says her living room if full of boxes and bags.

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