Monday, October 31, 2011

Heide...on Halloween

I don't think this needs any description. Just Heide in her
Mis "sale" aneous Costume.
She is certainly a "Beauty"... Jim is one lucky man!!! (don't tell her, but we're pretty lucky to have her around too.)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

"Cranberries & Calico Primitives" new pattern

I just finished my sample for the shop of "Cranberries & Calico Primitives" new pattern "Warm and Wooly Mitten".  It's a cotton lined wool mitten. Appliqued then blanket stitched together.  If you want to give it the well worn feel, pick the cotton between the stitches so that it shows. Hard to see it in this photo, but up close it looks old.

I went out in my yard and snipped the pine branches and pine cones to stuff it with. When I get to the shop I have some red berries to put in as well. The best part of using real pine is the scent. Right now my entire kitchen smells like a Christmas Tree Lot. In my opinion, that's one of the best scents of the Holiday season.

Lots of possibilities with this mitten. I don't know if I should stitch a ribbon onto one corner and hang it from a doorknob or set it in my bathroom in a basket with rolled towels. I may just make several and put them in the wire basket in the photo. I guess this is one of those patterns that you can embellish lots of different ways to make it fun.

We have the patterns available at the shop - make your own "Warm and Wooly Mitten" today.

If you need a quick gift  this would make a Great gift idea.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The last stitch.

I have to admit, I'm a little behind with my block-of-the-month. The good part is that everyone that's doing it... is too.  I appreciate that they say to take my time, Thanks ladies.

I'm doing most of the applique with blanket stitch  - by hand, so it takes me a little longer. This is my final block,  it's time to assemble the entire top. I have about 7/8  of it already done, just have to add the last 3 blocks and the filler pieces. I'm really excited about he way it is coming together. For me this is over the top... I usually stick to the more "log cabin" style or venture out there and do a "nine patch". I like to stay in the safe zone. Well, this was so much fun and I've always enjoyed fusible applique.

The pattern calls for applique on the border. For mine,I chose not to put the appliques on, I felt it was too busy. My inner border is dark green. I think it'll  frame it nicely. Then the outer border is a red tone on tone dotted print.

Patti H.(Quilts from the Trail)  is waiting for me to get it done so she can quilt it. Knowing her, she has something special in mind. I'm always excited to see what she comes up with.

It should be hanging in the shop soon. Hope you like it as much as I do.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Fun Gift Idea

 This may be my last morning sitting on my deck. It's getting down right frosty out here. I'm wrapped in a quilt and am snuggly, but it won't be long before I'll have to remove snow to sit here. UGH. I really enjoy doing  hand work out here... where there's a will there's a way. We'll see what I can come up with.
This mornings project -  Do you have a person on your Holiday gift list that's hard to buy for? I think we all do. This may be your answer to that problem. Quick, easy and inexpensive to make. This is a tea towel pattern by "The Wooden Bear".  I started it when the Vikings game started and had it done by the time the game was over ('cept for the buttons which I'm doing while I drink my coffee)
Who doesn't love cute little snowball faces? I did mine on a navy and tan towel. I think they'd be just as cute on red and tan. Well, there you have it, a quick gift or fun accessory for your own home. I was just thinking, if you have a child or children that would like to make a gift for someone - this would be easy enough to do. What a great surprise for Grandma or even a favorite teacher... a handmade tea towel. 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Only 9 days left...

Only 9 days left til our 3rd Annual "Ghost Event"
October 29 - 31, 2011
How many have  you collected?
Special Trick-or-Treat bags for all participants.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A gift from a treasured friend.

 I have a friend that I don't see very often but is very special to me,  her name is Georgia. We met back in 1968 when we both moved to Burnsville. We lived across the street from each other. A friendship started back then and remains today. The two of us have been through thick and thin and even thinner!!! We've cut each others hair, TP'd the neighbors, made prank phone calls, babysat together and skipped school, (the stories about the notes we wrote for the absence is a scream) and we were in each others weddings, I think you get the picture.
 Last week she stopped in the shop and brought me this wonderful tea set. It's a well know fact that I love Lamps, old wooden chairs and tea cups. Almost every morning in the spring, summer and fall I sit on my deck and enjoy coffee and tea - in a nice china cup. This was a wonderful present. It's getting a little cold out so I was afraid I wouldn't be able to use it on the deck before the snow. Well, this morning I got up, made the coffee and grabbed a quilt.  I drank my coffee on the deck from this lovely dragonfly cup.
The detail on the handle of the dragonfly is so sweet.  I love the tiny spoon with the leaf handle and the dainty tray to set it on. It was perfect. I was so wrapped up in the quilt, it was refreshing and so quiet.
Thank you Georgia for the lovely tea set and as always for your friendship.


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Facebook page

As of October 31st. we will be shutting down our facebook page titled,   Fabric Town Patti.

The page you need to friend/like  is  Fabric Town - Apple Valley, MN

Be sure to make the change so you won't miss out on the updates and fun things we're working on or the events we've got coming up.


Women of the West Show

 Yesterday was the Women of the West show. Just a few photos of our booth.
 We had alot of fun. Met  the two wonderful ladies that own "Sweetwater Quilt Shop". They were great to talk with and I'm looking forward  to taking a little road trip to see their shop. Next to our booth was Kathy and Lois from "Calla Lily Quilt Shop". Kathy's in the Twin Cities Shop Hop with us so I get to talk with her often. It was fun to be able to spend a little time with her.
 Below is the great Waffle Time Halloween table runner Theresa made. What a surprise when Terry Atkinson (Atkinson Designs) stopped by our booth and got a chance to see what we did with her pattern. Nice to see her, it's been a while.
Our snowman quilt was a hit again. We are just about out of the kits... just a great little quilt to throw over a chair or hang on a wall for the season. In Minnesota, you could leave a snowman quilt out 'til May (ha ha).
Thank you to the Women of the West Guild for a great show. Special thanks to Donna Champion and I hope to see you at the shop one of these days.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Volunteer Tables

 Do you need a cutting table? Are you looking for a nice work space that won't take up too much room? What I was looking for -  a table where I would have an area  for up my cutting mat next to my machine and a bonus would be to have a little space for an iron.  I found my solution, the "Volunteer Table". It's a portable table that as you can see from the photo is very compact. I'ts approximately 3" deep when take apart.(all the legs and pieces are stored inside)  Easy to store...which is important to me, I'm limited in storage at our apt.

 Perfect height for cutting 36" and can be lowered down to 29" with a flip of the base. Has two sturdy shelves for great storage. The larger one, also has two heights but the best part is the fact that you can comfortably sit and sew at it. I was hooked the minute I sat down at it. I liked the nice finish, the color and the fact that it was light enough for me to flip it, if I wanted it higher.
Jeff S. the designer will be coming to the shop in November to demonstrate the table. In the meantime, we have the smaller version set up to show you and I do have one in stock for sale. This table just might be the answer to your quilting, cutting and crafting needs.

Stop in and check them out...

Theresa has been a busy lady.

 Theresa must have been working 'round the clock to get these fun Halloween and Christmas projects done. I love the pillow, "It's all about the boots" by Oh My Bloomin Threads. Check out the feather trim, what a great idea. Her embroidery stitches are unbelievable, you have to see them to appreciate the workmanship.
 One of our all time favorite runners is the "Waffle Time" table runner by Atkinson Designs. I think Theresa has done it in at least a half dozen different fabric combinations and all have been winners. Next to "Lucky Stars",  "Waffle Time" is my favorite of all Terry's patterns.
 Love this pattern. When you have a border and aren't sure what to do with it... here's your answer. All you need is a 60 degree ruler and 1 1/4 yds of border print. I'm a snowman person so this one would look great on my table.

We are doing the "Women of the West" show on Saturday, October 15th so all these fun samples will be a the show. They should be back in the shop on Monday. If you'd like us to hold a kit for you, give us a call. (952) 432-1827

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Almost to the finish line.

 Just working on the last 3 blocks of my "Comfort and Joy"  Block of the Month.Still have a few more of the filler parts and then the borders to put on.
 This has been so much fun to work on. If you've always wanted to give applique 
a try, this is the easiest kind. All the pieces are fused on and then I either blanket stitched them by hand or did machine satin stitch. If you like to needle turn, this would be wonderful to do. Either method you choose, it would look great.
 This morning I wanted to lay it out and see how it was looking. With all the floor space available... look who has to sit on my project. The minute I layed it out, he strolled over and sat down. Before I knew it he had made himself very comfortable.
If you'd like to make a "Comfort & Joy" quilt for yourself, there are still a few kits available at the shop. But please note, Naughty little Boston Terrier not included in kits. 

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Sitting on my deck having a cup of coffee and watching the sun rise. Hard to believe it's already October 9th and I'm out here with a light sweatshirt on and no shoes.

The leaves are falling as I sit here. It's kind of a calm feeling. Very quiet this morning, I can hear birds lightly chirping and a dog barking in the distance. I enjoy sitting here and watching the day dawn.

Hope you have a great day.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Are you a Football Widow???

Are you a Football Widow?

Tired of spending Sunday's alone while someone watches all the football games?

Come in and sew with us. Grab a few friends or come alone. Spend a few hours relaxing and sewing. Maybe even finishing one of those UFO's you've been avoiding.
Call today to reserve your spot.  (952) 432-1827
Sunday's  Noon - 4:00
Fee:  $5.00

Friday, October 7, 2011

Fabulous Fall Friday.

I know I've said it before but, I love fall. I slept last night with the deck door open and the breeze coming through the door was wonderful. The sound of the leaves rustling in the trees just lulled you to sleep.

Yesterday, Qua and I sat out in the courtyard for a while. He played with his toy and rolled in the leaves. Fun to watch him have so much fun. I can remember as a child, raking up the leaves into a huge pile and then jumping in them. Something about the sounds and smells or them that takes me back to those days.

After I get done at the shop today, I'm going to Pahl's market to pickup a few pumpkins and mums for my deck. I've had my fall log cabin quilt on the table for a few weeks now but haven't had time to finish up my decorations. I spend a lot of time doing work or relaxing on the deck so I like having it decorated for the seasons. If it's nice out tomorrow, I plan on setting my sewing machine up on the table and working on a few projects.

The sad part of Fall is that Winter is just around the corner. But, when the weather turns cold and blustery we all start quilting. We have some great new projects to help get you through the up coming months. Stop in the shop and let us help you pick out a new project.

Hoping you have a Fabulous Fall Friday.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

November is Birthday Buddies Month at FT

November is "Birthday Buddies" month at Fabric Town.
Most of our customers already know what Birthday Buddies is and how important it is to me.
For those who are unfamiliar with it, I'll give you a brief description and the address of our website so you can check it out.

Birthday Buddies is a non-profit 501C organization that  was started by my sister Nancy and I several years ago. In our family your birthday was a special day in fact, it usually lasted a full week. It's a day that's all about you, it makes you feel important and it helps to build self esteem.With the economy in a decline and many families experiencing financial hardships.... birthday parties fall pretty low on the list of priorities. Our mission is to make sure that every child has a birthday with cake, toys and memories.

We service Dakota, Hennepin, Anoka, Scott and Ramsey counties. We work through School Counselors, Social Services and many other County Agencies. When a request comes in, Nancy custom makes the bag according to individual needs. Each bag contains approx. $30 worth of items. There is a cake mix and frosting, candles, plates, napkins, Main toy, coloring books, crayons, books, socks and a toothbrush and tooth paste, tissue paper and a birthday gift bag, all these items are placed in a large plain bag so the parents can get them in the house undetected.  Depending on the season, the bags can contain knit hats and gloves.

Through the year, we do whatever is possible to collect the needed items. One of our customers, Jill Harms, has been making small doll quilts for us since our inception. Alot of little girls will enjoy those for years to come.  Along with Fabric Town, there have also been toy drives at Bear Patch Quilt Shop in White Bear Lake and Monique's School of Dance in Apple Valley.
We're going into our slowest time for donations.  I realize that many of you give to organizations collecting toys for Christmas... what about the Birthday's that fall in Nov. & Dec?  We could really use your help. 

November 1st, we will be collecting TOYS, cake mixes/frostings, birthday plates and napkins. You can drop them off at the Fabric Town or if you live by Bear Patch, stop in and give them to one of the ladies, they'll let me know.  As a Thank You, your name will go in a drawing for a $25 gift certificate to Fabric Town.  will have the drawing on December 1stl


And our Blog "comment" winner is...

Our Blog "comment" winner is Cheryl R. 

Thank you for not only this comment but the many others you have made. It's always fun seeing you in the shop and on Facebook.I enjoy reading of your travels and family.

Enjoy these rich Thimbleberries fabrics, be sure to stop in and show us what you made from them.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

How do you buy fabric?

When you go to the quilt shop, do you go with a plan? Is there a specific pattern you have in mind or are you just looking in general?

One of our customers, Sharron Grocott, was in the shop the other day and was looking at some of our newest Holiday Fabric. She loved the prints and we got to chatting about "Buying on Speculation".

Sharron explained to me how she purchases fabrics. If she sees a line of fabric that she likes and doesn't have an actual pattern or plan, she buys on speculation. She starts with the main print and depending on the type of fabric she will purchase between 3 - 5 yards. From there she collected the accent fabrics and said that she usually bought 1 - 2  yards  of each. That gives her ample for most patterns.

I was always told that a good rule of thumb was, when in doubt, get 3 yards. This amount will allow for outer borders and some for the  piecing.  Sharron just confirmed that rule.

So the next time you're at your local quilt shop and see a fabulous line - but have no plan, think of Sharron. That will ensure that you have enough of that special fabric to complete your project.

Thanks Sharron for letting me share this.

If you have a tip you'd like me to pass on - give me a call or email me at put "Blog Quilting Tip" in the subject line.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Resting after a long trip - planning the next.

Heide and I got our booth packed up, loaded and were on the road  home by 6:18. We made it in 4 hours. I was home and in bed by 11:30. This old body was exhausted.

I want to say a very Sincere Thank you to Heide for a wonderful time. She is so much fun to travel with. I think we laughed most of the time, which made the time go alot faster. Her sense of humor has been a life savor when needed this past few months.

A large Thank you goes to Becky and Theresa for keeping the home fires burning while we were away. I have a great group of ladies and I never hesitate to leave the shop in their hands. They have never let me down and are always willing to go the extra mile to make things easier for me. I appreciate them more than they realize. We're a team, working for the same goal.

Our next show is on the 15th of October. We're doing the Women of the West Quilt Guild show.
It's being held at the Plymouth Creek Center (14800 34th Ave. North, Plymouth MN 55447). Its just a one day show from 9am til 5pm. We did their last one and it was really nice. Hope to see you there.

From there, we go to the Prior Lake Guild Meeting. Our theme for this meeting is Kit Bonanza. They have asked us to bring kits for all kinds of things. We have some really nice holiday runners and toppers that a few of the members saw at the shop and wanted us to be sure to bring. We truly enjoy doing their meetings - they are a fun group.

What have you been doing to keep yourself busy this fall season? Send us a comment and let us know what you have going on? What quilt you're working on..any crazy projects you're trying etc. I'd love to hear from you.  I have a special Blog Follower Gift for the best comment. Get your creative juices flowing and  write, write, write.   Comments need to be in by October 5th. I will post the winner and the gift on the 6th.


Saturday, October 1, 2011

A few of the Magnificent Works of Art at the show.

This quilt was the winner of "Best of Show". I can't begin to desribe it to you. The fabrics are hand dyed, there were various types of fabric used - such as velvet. She did all the quilting herself in gold metallic. It was unbelievable.
 Heide snapped a few photos of some of the quilts before thr cameras battery died. Here are just a few of the fabulous quilts.
I've been to many quilt shows and I have never seen such quilting. These quilts were from all over the country. The applique was unbelievable, the tiny piecing was amazing.

I've never considered myself a good sewer or quilter... I just enjoy it for fun. If you want to feel a little inadequate, this is the place. I can't imagine how you even start to plan a quilt like these. Not only the piecing but the quilting. The time it took to make these quilts was worth every minute.

This is a close up of one of the blocks from the postage stamp quilt below. The squares were approx 3/4". It was wonderful, hand quilted with perfectly spaced stitches.
I guess I'm more of a traditional quilter. I admire the work in the "Artsy" quilts but I'm drawn to the more original ones. This postage stamp was one of my favorites, it didn't win a ribbon but I gave it a two thumbs up.