Monday, May 28, 2012

A few things accomplished at the shop.

Yesterday, Jeff and I went in and hung up a couple quilts, retired a couple and then just decided on where to move different things. This quilt is Apple Jacks by Country Threads. I've always liked their patterns. Easy to read and basic enough for a beginner. I think the outer border really puts the finishing touch on an otherwise plain top. Lola made the sample and once again did a wonderful job.  We do have Kits available.

This sample isn't new, it's been in the shop for awhile. Not a week goes by that someone doesn't ask to see it opened up. So we did just that, it's now draped over a cabinet so you can see the pattern.I know it looks like a lot of geese.. and some people just hate to make them. With the flying geese ruler it's been simplified. You make 4 at a time, fast easy and no waste. I enjoyed it because they came out perfect every time.  Stop in and have us show you how... you'll want to add this to your collection.  The pattern is North & South by Piece by Piece. 

Did you miss the fishing opener this year? Well, you're in luck,  it's just starting at Fabric Town.

12 of these adorable fish pincushions just arrived at the shop. Assorted colors and buttons eyes. Need a gift for a quilting buddy, who wouldn't want one of these little charmers. I'm considering one of the pink ones for myself.  Stop in and catch one before they're gone.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Holiday Hello

Happy Holiday Weekend to all.

Today, the shop will be open from Noon til 4:00. Jeff and I are going in to get a few things done. It's time to take down the wonderful trunk show from Kim Diehl. It'll be moving on to another shop somewhere to be admired. I hope everyone got the opportunity to stop in and see it while it was here, that's just a tiny sample of what she's bringing in August. If you'd like to see more of her fantastic quilts and hear her lecture, be sure to sign up for the Trunk Show on Friday, August 25th. 6:00 - ?

The other thing for our agenda today is to put up a few new samples. The things I brought back from Market will be displayed this week. Mostly, it's patterns. The new fabrics that were ordered have delivery dates starting in August. That's one of the down sides of Market - the fabrics aren't available immediately. 

Lola was in on Thursday and picked up 3 of the new patterns and the fabrics to make up some samples. When Lola gets a 4 day weekend... she sews up a storm. As soon as we get them quilted, we'll have them on display with the kits. Some really fun things.

I owe an apology to Sharon B. When I posted the photo of the little wool-felt Halloween topper, I said to stop in and pick up a kit. I'm sorry you stopped and it was not available. I expected the kits to be in and they aren't. They should be here by Tuesday and I will put one aside for you. I got mine done and it was alot of fun...  worth the wait. Once again, sorry Sharon.

I hope you all have a relaxing Holiday. I'm looking forward to just taking it easy and working on a few little samples. If the weather cooperates, my sister is having a cookout. That's always fun.

Be safe,

Friday, May 25, 2012

Feeding my addiction

For years I've occasionally thought about this little lamp. It was hanging in a coffee shop called Vertigo.  Vertigo closed. There went my wonderful lamp, as least that's what I thought.  One day I was talking to Jackie at my favorite coffee shop, "Valley Girl", she opened her espresso bar/boutique in the same spot. The subject of the little lamp came up and to my surprise Jackie had it at her home, wasn't using it .... and was willing to sell it.

I have this thing for vintage lamps, old tables and old wooden chairs. Strange thing to collect but I love 'em.  Isn't the detail lovely?  Many thanks to Jackie - it truly made my day. Jeff's glad too, he knew how much I wanted it 5 years ago.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

May - Halloween???

 When you think of May, you probably don't think of Halloween. In my world, Halloween is a top priority. I think it's my favorite mini holiday. I'm not really into the scary, ugly stuff, but I love Candy Corn, Black cats and fun witches.  While at Market I picked up a couple "Grab 'N Go Kits". We've had them in the shop before, but never Halloween. (I also got one with Black cats).
It's a nice cool morning, almost feels like a little rain may be coming. I poured my self a cup of coffee and headed out to my deck to get started on my project. I can't wait to finish blanket stitching around the corn - then the finishing touch goes on - Bat Buttons!!!!  What a cute topper for a little table.  If you're looking forward to Halloween like I am - stop in and pickup this little kit so you can have it done by the time Ghosts and Goblins arrive.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

There's no place like Home

 Dorothy once said "There's no place like Home".... after 4 days at Quilt Market, walking approx 10 miles up and down aisles... the girl was correct.  Yesterday, it was time to  pack up and say goodbye to Kansas City.  Here's just an idea of what Laurel and I had in our room,  we loaded the valet cart - and I mean loaded. Debbie and Pam had their own collection of things in their room as well.
 We managed to get it all in the back of the van... I imagine we looked like a Low Rider as we cruised down the highway.  (Shocks don't fail us know).
 This is the happy but tired group. From the left - me, Debbie, Laurel and Pam. A really fun group to travel with. I'm so glad they asked me to go with them. I had a fantastic time. After we left KC the backseat navigators directed Laurel to several fun locations.
 We pulled into Liberty and our first stop was at "American Whatever". Wool Heaven!!! If you're into rug hooking, this is the place for you. I have never seen so many patterns for rugs, so much wool and then add antiques and four legged friends - maybe that's why it's called "Whatever". They had a dog sound asleep in a chair, one on another chair with a little girl doing her homework. A Cat in the side room watching every move you made and a screened room with free flying birds. Quite the menagerie. We made our purchases and got back in the van to head to the next destination.
 A quick stop in Stewartsville to check out their little shop. If you're familiar with Tula Pink, this is the shop for you.  Friendly ladies, cute displays.   Once done there, we were back on the road headed South.

 Our last stop was at The Quilt Block in West Des Moines.  This shop was a so bright and nicely lit by the large windows. Filled with an excellent selection of samples to inspire you. Many had a kit to go with them for easy shopping and fabrics lines to please every type of quilter. If you're passing through W. Des Moines, stop and see for yourself, it's worth it.  After we left The Quilt Block, we headed to our final destination... Home.

I had a wonderful time, I found some fun patterns, several new Block-of-the-month ideas and don't forget  fabrics. Some of the things will be in the shop in a few days, some soon and others will be coming later.  We'll be working to get samples and kits done for many of the new projects. I hope you like the selections.. it was not easy to make the decision on what to say yes to and what to pass on. I would have liked to take it all !!!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hard to pick and choose

This is getting harder and harder to narrow down what to buy, what to consider and what to just put on the back burner. One of my favorite companies is Cleo & Me. Barbie Jo is the designer and it was nice to be able to tell her how cute her runners and toppers are. Last season, Becky and Theresa made up the snowman and reindeer. They were both hits.
I love Gingerbread men (and woman) so this little runner was one I decided on right way. I'm looking forward to making it - maybe on a hot, humid summer day. That should cool me off.
It was nice to see Pam and her husband again. Pam is the designer of "Piece by Piece" patterns. I'm sure you've admired many of her designs in the shop, over the years.
Picked up a few more patterns and I'm sure they'll be popular when we get them made up.  Pam is also going to send us a few quilts to share with you in August for the Quilt MN shop hop. Be sure to check them out when you're hopping.
No introduction necessary for this lady... Celine Perkins of "Perkins Dry Good"s.  I just barely got to talk to her, she was a busy lady. No small wonder, her newest patterns are fantastic.
Just a quick shot of Molly, Celine's daughter. She's there, helping her Mom out.
This is something that REALLY makes me happy. The Quilted Forest is going to be in the next "Quilt Sampler" magazine that comes out this fall. You all know Shelley... she's the designer that came up with all those little laminated patterns.
Look at that smile!!!! She has every right to be proud, and so does her husband Dan. They have worked very hard and are deserving of this award.  If you ever pass by Forest City, Iowa you have to stop at her shop.  She has something for everyone.  I also want to say Congratulations to my friend Melisa who also got into the same Quilt Sampler. She is the owner of "Sweet Home Quilt Company" in Conyers, Georgia.  She too has worked hard to have a shop worthy of the label "Top Ten".
This photo says it all..... wool, wool, wool, love wool !!!!! Picked up a nice selection. Heide will be happy - and so will her Creative Ewe club.  I have plans she is going to have to share. That's about it for today. Will probably post one more tomorrow before we head home on Monday. I hope you're seeing things you like.

First day at Market

There is so much to see and try to absorb when you're walking the isles at Market. One of the nicest things is to see a familiar face. Linda Hohag of Brandywine is always a pleasure to see. I picked up a few copies of her newest book.. Dolly's Play Date. If you like paperdolls, wait 'til you see these. The little Wooly Kritters  applique pattern and matching pins are already in the shop. We will be starting to work on it soon. 

Another friendly face.  Sherry Falls from This & That.

If you loved her wonderful patterns we had in the shop for our "Hop" wait til  you see the whole shabang... she outdid herself on the embroidery. As always, we'll be carrying them.

I am totally in love with this quilt. It's  Fall Frolic by "Sew Unique Creations" The appliques are wool. It is so warm and inviting. I plan on starting on it as soon as I get back.

"Spirit of the Season" by Sew Unique. Once again, the applique is wool and adds so much to the pattern.

For about 2 months now, I've had this pattern on my desk. I was planning on asking Lola to make the sample. Well, I just got of the phone with her and we're meeting on Wednesday night so I can show her all the great stuff. (between you and I, Lola will whip these up in short order - she's amazing)

Speaking of Lola, she has several of her patterns in the New Castle booth. She was asked to make some samples for them using their new line. I think they turned out really well.
I especially love the Log Cabin... being the traditional gal that I am. Excellent job, Lola. I'm sure people enjoyed your work and you'll be getting orders for sure.

I spent some time with one of my favorite ladies... Denise Hall from D. Hall Designs. Another designer that has become a friend. You may remember seeing her new quilts at our shop during the Twin Cities Shop Hop. We usually have her  patterns and samples scattered throughout the shop. Right now she's helping us design the quilt for our Minnesota State Shop Hop. 

If you want to make easy - fun projects, check out her pattern line. Sure to please the novice to advanced quilter.  Well folks, that wraps it up for today. I'm tired and it's hot bath and bed time for me. Tomorrow's another day... will find plenty more to share.

Friday, May 18, 2012

On the way to Quilt Market Kansas City

At 8:00 AM, the ladies from the Bear Patch - Debbie, Laurel and Pam, stopped at the shop and picked me up.  All loaded up we headed down 35 for Kansas City.  Let the journey begin.

We stopped several times, a quilt shop, antique shop and for gas. Debbie had us all in stitches.... if you notice the price on the pump handle... it says 79 cents per 32 oz.  How many ounces in a gallon??? That was just enough to get us all laughing.

We continued our drive until we finally made it to KC. Checked into our rooms, had dinner and then headed to the convention center. Sample Spree started at 8:00.

After Sample spree, we went for a nice drink and then to our rooms. Time for bed and to get ready for a full day.

I'll keep posted on some of the fun things I find.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Your chance to "Shine"

3rd Annual
Customer Talent Show - Bed Turning

 Wednesday, July 25th
6:00 pm 

We all have a few quilts that we're especially proud of.
They may be something you made  yourself, or a treasured heirloom

This is the perfect opportunity to share your treasures with those who share your passion and love of quilting. 

To see some photos of the last event, go to our website - click on "Blog" and go to September 2011. You will be able to see some of the wonderful quilts that were brought in to share.

Once again, this event is to benefit "Birthday Buddies"
 (a non-profit organization helping families in need)

*Silent Auctions
*Door Prizes     *Discounts     *Refreshments

Reservations required and entries need to be registered in advance.

More information will be available at the shop.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ready for Quilt Market

 I leave on Thursday to go to Quilt Market in Kansas City. It's been a long time since I've gone. Before Barb retired, we went every fall. This time, I'm going with the Bear Patch girls, Laurel and Deb and their Manager Pam. I was starting to get my things all packed up.... do you see anything wrong with my lovely tote bag ? (above). 
Evidently, Heide did. Today, she brought me an early birthday gift. An absolutely, out of this world, totally  fantastic bag from Brighton. It's the perfect size for traveling. It will hold my wallet, date book, makeup and new bras that I bought especially for the trip. (the new underwear is incase of an accident.. you wouldn't want to embarrass your Mom by having on old underwear in the emergency room - I already did that once in 1971, she still remembers). I will be really stylin' when we roll into KC.

Thank you Heide... I will take photo's and post them of me having a wonderful time at Market -sporting my  new bag.

2012 Shop Hop Winners.

I am finally able to post the 2012 Shop Hop Winners. Thank you ladies for participating in the hop and Congratulations!!!

Bernina 700 D Serger 
      Eileen Trofeth     Roseville, MN

Sewing Machine Trolley
     Sharon Lindstrom    Forest Lake, MN

Janome Sewing Machine
     Mary Pat OIson     Lino Lakes, MN

Returner Prize -  $25. Gift Certificate for each shop
     Faith White     Minneapolis, MN

Treasure Hunt - $25. Gift Certificate for each shop
     Cathy Skrypek    Inver Grove Heights, MN

2nd Prizes - Gift Basket from each shop  $200 Value. 

  Calla Lily - Donelle Fisk - Glenwood City, WI
  Glad Creations - Susan Kiester - Apple Valley, MN
  Millie P's - Gerry Prodger - Bloomington, MN
  Blue Bamboo - Emily Olsen - Lino Lakes, MN
  Treadle Yard Goods - Jill Chatelain - Crystal, MN
  Quilt Cove - Linda Chatelain - Crystal, MN
  Bear Patch - Kathy Cotter - New Hope, MN
  Fabric Town - Mary Alsop - Eden Prairie, MN

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Quilt Minnesota - Southeast Section Bus Trip


Sorry I haven't posted the Shop Hop winners yet. I missed the wrap up meeting on Tuesday night. I went to the clinic Tuesday afternoon to find out that the reason I felt REALLY bad was because I have strep throat and the flu.

I will post the winners as soon as I can get the info from one of the other shops.

Sorry for the delay.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Final Meeting for the 2012 Hop

Tonight is the final meeting for the 2012 Hop. All the shop owners get together, share a nice meal and discuss how we feel everything went.

We will also be drawing all the names of the prize winners.... I will post all the winners here and on our facebook page tomorrow.  I wish you luck in the drawing.

Did you enjoy the Hop? Were there things that you really loved, or maybe something you would like to see us change?  Please let me know and I will gladly take up your suggestion or request with the group. We want this to be fun for all, and if there is a problem, we can't fix it if we aren't aware of it.

I know I speak for all the shops.. Thank you for Hopping, we hope you had a wonderful time. We sincerely appreciate your support and friendship.

Monday, May 7, 2012

My Calm place

It's always a surprise to me when someone comes in and asks me why I haven't put any new photos of____________________ on my blog. The subjects vary from Quahog to my deck. During the Shop Hop I had a few ladies ask if I had my deck set up and was I going to post photos. I was surprised, I guess I just hadn't thought about it with the nasty weather we've had. So, for those two nice ladies I will write about my deck. My favorite place to relax is my deck... no surprise to those who follow my blog. I truly enjoy sitting out there in the early hours of the day, having a cup of coffee or at night when it's quiet and the day is ending. At the end of the season we packed up a box of my deck things to put away til Spring. This morning, I unpacked them and they're going back in their spots.

I have had these rocks for a few years. I got them at Valley Girl Coffee Shop in their boutique. They pretty much say it all.

He's my favorite, I'm a hedgehog addict. This little guy has been around for awhile and he makes me smile every time I see him.

For now I sit at the table, but as soon as Jeff gets my Wicker Chair painted... I'll be relaxing in a comfortable rocker. I may even make cushions to match the new tablecloth I'm working on.

Because Quahog is a "muncher" I'm limited in the kind of plants I can have. It seems that Silk works well.. but this basket is real. It hangs over the railing of the deck and no little lips can reach it. This is just what I could set up this morning, I have a lot more to do. I'm looking forward to spending quiet hours working on things for the shop - like maybe a little embroidery or wool project.  I hope this little update is enough for now, I'll keep you posted as my deck takes shape. Thank you ladies for following my blog and it was nice to meet you.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

362 days til it happens again.

I have my sad face on today.
The shop hop may be: long days, with lots of preparation and planning - but I LOVE IT. 

 We finished yesterday and it was 3 totally fun days. I can't wait til we start to make the plans for next year. Thank you "Hoppers" for making this event the best. 

I love the comments regarding my shop, thank you for noticing. If we can do anything to add to your enjoyment - please let us know.

MAY 2, 3 & 4

Again, thank you for your constant support.

Friday, May 4, 2012

This says it all...

Finally..... the rain ended and the hoppers kept on hopping.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Today's the day.

Today's the day....the start of the 15th Annual 
"Twin Cities Shop til You Drop Tour".

We're ready to meet and greet you as you make your way from shop to shop. I'm excited with all the fun things we have to share with you. Let us help you find the perfect project or just soak in the inspiration to get you motivated.

If you're in the neighborhood at lunch time, Valley Girl has coffees, lattes, mocha's ,sandwiches and soups (and decadent desserts). Sara and Jackie are there to make you a delicious meal. Just stopping in and checking out their cute coffee boutique is worth it.  I'm stopping on my way this morning.... a Latte is needed to kick start my day.

As always,we look forward to seeing you. Please drive carefully and be safe.


P.S.  Quahog wants to add his note  - have fun and don't forget the treats.....


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Last minute details

Tomorrow is the start of the "Twin Cities Shop Hop".  I'm going in to finish up some last minute details. Got my check list out and only a couple things still left to do.

I hope you're going to be hopping. If you aren't, I hope you can stop in the shop and see all the new samples and wonderful trunk shows we have to share with you. 

We have trunk shows from:  Perkins Dry Goods, This & That, Quilt Company Patterns, D. Hall Designs, Clothesline Quilts and Kim Diehl,  Also, we will have the Dueling Divas at the shop on Saturday. Their trunk show will be on display Friday and Saturday.

Looking forward to seeing you...