Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fun at our 4th Quilt "Sewcial"

Yesterday, September 12th, we held our 4th Quilt "Sewcial" at Old Chicago Banquet Center in Apple Valley..

30 "Sewcialites" attended and the mix was fantastic. Everyone started arriving at 9:00 AM and within a half hour projects were underway.

Patti H. took some photo's and she will be updating our web site to post all of them. The two here are a few she took. The mugs filled with Chocolate were gifts for all that attended.

Also shown here is Steve Wilson, better known to our attendees as "Stevie Wonderhands" - (dubbed that by Becky Bielke) He arrived at 5:00 gave his unbelievable massages..... not only nice, good lookin' and friendly - his hands are golden. After an entire day of quilting, eating and laughing.... we were glad to see Steve arrive. Next year he's going to arrange to have the entire day available for us and arrive early in the afternoon.

The menu stayed the same this year, but we have decided we're going to mix it up a little next time. Old Chicago has great pizza but I do think it's time for something else. The request was for Lasagna or Spaghetti..... can do
Next time we are going to plan to have show and tell right after dinner.... that way you can eat and relax a little before getting back to sewing. One thing that I personally enjoy is seeing the projects that everyone has made, so next time it is going to be a scheduled part of our day.
Many requested that we pick the date for our 5th "Sewcial" now, so they could plan in advance. The new date we are considering is Saturday, February 13th, 2010. I have to check with Carrie at Old Chicago to make sure the date is open. If it is, we will post it here and on the website.
To all who attended, thank you. I look forward to planning our next sewcial and making it even more enjoyable.

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