Saturday, August 1, 2009

Terry Atkinson Rocks!!!!!

Just got home from Terry Atkinson's Shop Owners Retreat.
This is my 3rd time attending and it never ceases to amaze me - when you don't think it can, it gets better each time. From the wonderful accommodations at "Bridge Creek Cottage" to the indescribable meals prepared for us by Jason. Terry even arranges for a masseuse to come and gently massage us into a peaceful, relaxed state.

In our group this year were shop owners from as far as Atlanta and Seattle. Julie from Seattle was a familiar face, she attended with us before as well as Shelly from the Quilted Forest in Forest City, IA. Karen was from Siren, WI, Melissa - Atlanta, Julie - Eau Claire, and Jeannie -Block Party Studios - IA. Several Owners from our Local shops were participants, Laurel from Bear Patch, Roseanne from Rosebuds Cottage, Sue from Gruber's and Elaine from Silver Lane. All the ladies were a joy to be with. Quilts are not the only things made at Terry's retreats, wonderful friendships are formed.

Our first night we had a Charity Quilt contest. We were divided into 3 groups and given a kit and pattern for Terry's "Piecrust Pileup". The object was to get the quilt top cut, sewn and pressed faster than the other teams. It was fast and fun.... 12 women laughing, sewing and having a great time. Within 38 minutes we had our top done. WE WON....

The finished tops will be quilted and donated to different charities.

I'm thinking of having an event like this at the shop. We can choose a charity and then have a
sew in. Who wouldn't want to be part of something that helps others and is fun at at the same time?

Yesterday started the Quilt Minnesota's State wide shop hop. I hope everyone is planning on "Hopping". A lot of shops have put forth an extra effort to have many new, creative samples, kits and ideas to make your quilting experience the best possible. Enjoy yourselves, drive carefully and have fun.


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