Monday, March 26, 2012

What a cute gift.

What a cute gift for a quilting buddy.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Free Pincushion Pattern

Periodically, we will be offering "Free Patterns" on our website.
This is our first one... hope you like it.

Good Morning...

Good Morning, the weekend is almost here. I just watched the weather channel and they say it's going to be sunny and warm. 

I'm looking forward to a relaxing Saturday. I do work on Sunday, so if you're around - stop in and say Hi.

Also, a special Good Morning to Nancy G. It's always a pleasure to see you and I appreciate your friendship and constant support of Fabric Town.

Have a fantastic Weekend.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Time to Get your Groove on...

Just arrived today.... "Vintage Groove" by Adorn it. The book has so many cute patterns it's hard to decide which to do first.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First Day of Spring

Today is the first day of Spring, it felt like it would never get here. I'm getting ready - been putting my favorite things on my deck again. Got the picket fence out (it keeps Quahog from getting down the back stairs) and put my iron planter up against it.  I only get sun on my deck til around 1:00 so these flowers will do the trick... they don't require sun. Hope your first day of Spring is a wonderful one.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Kindness Matters

This is just a little wall hanging - door banner that Lola made awhile ago. In the past few weeks its become very popular. It has a phrase embroidered on the bottom that I really like..... "Kindness Matters".

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Something I didn't know.

On Saturday, I went to the Bear Patch " Sleep in your own bed" retreat. It's one day when I am not working, just sewing and playing like everyone else. Debbie and Laurel put on a wonderful event. We had food that was homemade, wonderful gifts, lots of laughing, chatting and the most sinful chocolate cake ever!!!

I learned a few things that I want to pass on. Some of you probably already know this, but I didn't.

How often do you change the needle on your machine? I think most of us wait until we break it. You're actually suppose to change your needle at least every 8 hours of sewing. (if using batiks, every 6 hrs). That's the rule of thumb but, the best plan is to change your needle every 8 hours or when you start a new project.

Needles are inexpensive,  the average needle costs between .75 &  .85 cents. When broken down like that, it really doesn't make sense not to change them often.

How often do you clean the lint out of your machine and oil the race hook? Once again, I don't take the bobbin case apart very often and I never think of oiling it. I will say that I do oil my Featherweight quite often, but my Bernina I never have. Someone told me it was self oiling so it was not necessary... I think they meant the actual machine not the race hook.

With the cost of repairs on machines these days, it seems foolish not to take the time to do this little bit of maintenance. It won't take you long and will keep your machine humming along properly.

So, at the beginning of each project, clean all the lint out of your machine, oil your race hook and change your needle. In the long run I think you'll be glad you did.

Thank you Laurel and Debbie for sharing these tips. I hope they will be helpful to some of my customers and friends as well.

Friday, March 16, 2012

First sign of Spring...

Need I say more....

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Please don't feed the Owls.

Please don't feed the Owls... they're just hangin' around in their tree.

Becky has made 5 more sets of Night Owl Pot Holders. What better way to display them but in a tree.  This photo doesn't do the tree justice. It's the cutest display in the shop. Whooooo knew they would be so popular. Most of the kits are available in the shop... the others are being put together and will be in the shop on Monday.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Proud Beginners...

Tonight was the final night of Beginning Quilting. Three of the ladies had their quilts totally sewn together. This is Linda with her version of Lola's pattern.  They each chose their own setting. Nice choice Linda!!
A proud Anita with her first quilt... and you have every right to be. I love the star center.
Sue's quilt is made with sunflower print fabric. Excellent choice of setting and a job well done. 

Hard to believe that 5 weeks ago these quilts were just yards of fabric on bolts. Lola once again did a wonderful job of teaching.  I know the ladies enjoyed their first quilting experience, they already have a special class scheduled to continue on with another project. I look forward to seeing them all again, they were a fun group and as you can see - talented.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Good Morning - Springtime.

Woke up this morning to a wonderful Sunny day. Last night was Day Light Savings so at midnight, we sprang forward.

I just took a refreshing walk with Quahog. We haven't been able to do that since late November. Boston Terriers don't handle cold or heat well, so we avoid both.  After a few minutes into our walk I realized  we're both out of shape. I knew I was, but really didn't give it much thought that he could be. I guess sitting around all winter and eating lots of treats has turned him into little butter ball.  We won't use any descriptions to describe me.. lets just go with out of shape.

Ok, time for a plan. I know my time is always limited and my hours at the shop are erratic, so I'll have to work around them.  Quahog loves to go outside and walk, when the weather is nice. I'm thinking the two of us could get up a bit earlier and take a leisurely walk in the morning. Then when I get home after work, take a walk where we pick up the pace. That would help him to burn off any energy he has from being in his kennel and help me burn a little extra calories too.

I think Weight Watchers is the other plan. I have been meaning to get back on track for awhile but finding the time and actually the motivation has been hard.

The beautiful Sunny day, the wonderful cool breeze and Qua.. those are great motivators. Not to mention, that really nice pair of slacks that don't fit any longer.

Spring is a time for renewal so here we go.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Just an idea..

I found this photo while flipping through a magazine. How clever is that. I'm still working on getting my deck ready... wouldn't the small version of the table look cute next to my new wicker chair?  I think I'd paint it to coordinate with the table cloth.  Just wanted to share this fun idea with you. Maybe it would look nice on your deck or patio.                    

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mary Ellen's Made by Hand

I ordered  Mary Ellen's Made by Hand therapy gel for the shop, after I tried a sample. I really liked the way it made my hands feel. It's not a lotion, so you won't feel greasy. It's more the texture and feeling of the hand sanitizers that are everywhere. But... it's not a sanitizer. It's for tired, sore, dry quilter's hands.

In it's composition is White Willow Bark, which is known for its healing properties. It helps with inflammation and soreness. Along with the pain relief it softens and reduces dryness.

Today I tried it on Quahog. It was a desperation move, he has some kind of  face allergy and we are waiting for an appt. with the dermatologist. I put just a tiny amount on his swollen, scratched raw cheek. It did not burn him or irritate him in any way. It did just the opposite - it helped with the redness and he stopped scratching. I applied a small amount to the inside of his ear where it was all torn up as well. It's been over 2 hours and he hasn't scratched once.

I'm not promoting this for the use on animals, without checking with a vet I would be careful. All I'm saying is that if it could stop him from the constant scratching - think how good it would make your hands feel when they are tired and sore. It must have some wonderful healing powers if it made his little face calm down.

I recommend  that anyone who works alot with their hands give this a try. I have arthritis in a few fingers, if it can help them on the achy days it will be worth every cent.

Stop in the shop and pick up a tube for yourself...  see if you agree. I bet you'll be happy you did.

Monday, March 5, 2012

A fresh new website for Fabric Town

Today our updated website and blog went live. 
Now they coordinate with each other.... floral, soft and easy to read.

I love what Ruth and Patti did to my logo. It's an updated version. I know they spent alot of time trying to get it exactly like I wanted.

Ladies it's worth every minute.... I totally love it. 
Thanks for the wonderful slide show too.

stop by our website and see what's happening. Go to

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Is it Spring yet????

Spring, it’s almost here. We were really very lucky with the winter we’ve had. When we get to February/March it feels like it’s never going to end.

This is just a little thing I do to make it feel like it’s almost over, I like to make up some new fresh placemats, table runners and toppers or a spring wall hanging. The pastel colors, the floral and cheery fabrics make me feel hopeful.  When the colors are bright and uplifting it does something for your mood and spirit.

I think everyone on the planet knows that I live for my deck; it’s my own little world.  During the winter, I spend hours planning on the colors I’ll do it in. Last year it was lilac and blue with the coral color of my impatience pots.   The table cloth I made was floral and brought such a soft feeling to the corner where I have a tiny rod iron ice cream parlor table and chairs.  My wicker rocker was painted a soft lilac…. It was my little piece of heaven.

It’s the same way I like to look at fabric when I’m planning a quilt. What would make me feel a certain way? If I want a quilt for my living room, I would want it in rich reds, browns and tans. Choosing for my 2nd bedroom – which is technically my sewing room, would be soft 1930’s looking prints.   I know when the choice is right by the way I can easily picture the quilt already done. Kind of like having an EQ program in my head.

Pattern has as much to do with it as the color selections. I guess I’m more of a traditional quilter. I like things organized, just not into the random looking style.

Do you plan your quilt by pattern or find fabrics you love and then choose the pattern? Kind of like the chicken and the egg… which came first? When I’m at the shop and a line of fabric arrives, quite often a pattern just jumps into my head. Then there’s the times when I have a wonderful pattern but just can’t seem to locate exactly what I envision the fabrics to look like.

I guess what this boils down to is that you can change your mood, the feeling of a room or almost anything by just your choice of palette. Now that spring is upon us, it’s time for a lighter feeling. Start your day off with a new set of placemats made from some soft floral prints –you’ll be amazed how coffee and an English muffin just seem to be better.

Have a wonderful day, think Spring!!!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Eagan High School's Quilt Show.

Today was Eagan High School's 17th Annual Women's History Month Quilt Exhibit. Fabric Town along with 4th & Main from Cannon Falls and Twin Cities Quilting from Roseville were the vendors.

Celine Perkins  - "Perkins Dry Goods" was the guest speaker. Her lecture was on vintage quilts and what they meant to her as she designs similar patterns, using more modern techniques. The days of the cardboard template are over... we now use rotary cutting equipment and many new tools to make our craft easier and more efficient. It was very interesting and Celine is a wonderful speaker. I took a few photos of our booth before the show started.  The quilt you are seeing in this photo is the Nine Patch with Attitude that Becky made. It doesn't matter the number of times  I see this quilt, it always intrigues me. Becky made the blocks while doing a demo at the last MQ show in Duluth. Since that demo I bet we've sold 300 patterns.

I took several quick shots of our booth. We set up in the library where the quilts were hanging. It's the perfect venue. The high ceiling is glass and lets in the most wonderful light. The quilts hang from the second level railings.

The quilt on the right is a new sample that Lola made for us. The pattern is done by Dueling Divas Quilts. Today was it's debut.... we sold out the kits and patterns almost immediately.  Thank you Lola for making such a nice sample, Patti H for the great quilting and especially Jane and Michelle for designing such a fantastic quilt.  We have more fabric on order to make up more kits. They will be available soon.

This beautiful quilt as well as the one on the left are Celines. We were lucky enough to have then to display along with the Corner Cutters used in her class. It was nice to see how excited the quilters got when they found a simple tool that would help with those corners and nubs.,

This is Celine's quilt  "Grandpas Best".

This is just a picture of what the booth looked like from across the isle. We had vintage suitcases with little rolls and fat quarters in them. Also a copper boiler with a quilt popping out of it. And old sewing machine drawers for holding the patterns. It had a nice warm feeling. You can see some of the quilts hanging from above.

Funny how it always turns out different then you expected when you were planning it in your head. I like the result. It was a great show and everyone seemed  please with what we brought.

I didn't have the chance to take pictures of all the quilts, but I did find Gail K. one of our favorite ladies... and she had a quilt on display.  Here she is standing with her quilt. If you notice you can't see both at the same time.... that's because Gail is tiny and the quilt was hung VERY high. The photo that showed both of them together was out of focus. So this is how we have to show it.

This is Gails Block of the Month Quilt. Very nicely done, looks vintage.Thanks Gail for letting me take the photo... Excellent quilt.  Well that was a wonderful day. I truly enjoyed myself and look forward to next year. Many thanks again to Laura Nagel for inviting us, it was a wonderful show and lecture. Love the new Saturday idea. If you need us next year, we'll be there

We did hand out flyers about our 2 Workshops and lecture/trunk show - in August with Kim Diehl. Several ladies signed up for the class and the trunk show. If you are interested in taking the workshop, I hope you will get your reservation in ASAP, we only have 30 spaces per Workshop and considerably more for the trunk show but they too are filling. Give the shop a call (952) 432-1827
and save your seat. (payment must be made at the time of reservation to guarantee your spot).

I hope everyone enjoyed their day at the show. If you weren't able to get to the show, you still have time. The show goes to March 22.  It's really worth taking a few hours and going to the High School to enjoy one of the nicest quilt exhibits I've seen in a while.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

It was a hard decision, as all the choices were fantastic, but we have chosen this quilt for our Workshop with Kim Diehl.

"Gathering Garden" is in Kim's new book that will be out in May. 

This Medallion-style lap quilt combines fast and easy patchwork with big chunky applique ... a perfect combination for learning Kim's invisible applique technique!!! What's more, you'll find it easy to  adjust the size of this project to suit your needs by simply adding or subtracting borders.

Our workshop time will encompass all aspects of Kim's invisible applique method, and we'll close the day with a quick tutorial on finishing your quilt using the big stitch style of hand quilting.

Work Shop #1   Friday, August 24th   10:00 - 4:30     $75   includes book "Simple Charm"

Work Shop #2   Saturday, August 25th   10:00 - 4:30    $75  includes book "Simple Charm"

Kim will also be doing a lecture/trunk show. She will share with us 30 of her quilts and runners and how she went from a quilter to designer by her fourth quilt.

Lecture/Trunk Show   Friday, August 24th   6:00 - ?      $10.

Registration required to reserve your seat. 
Payment must be made at the time of registration.

Kits will be available for the Quilt.

Check list complete

Tonight is our Wool Make and Take. I got out my check list and I think I have everything covered. Kits are cut, glue gun, freezer paper, irons, ironing boards, floss, stuffing...... Just add the ladies and let the fun begin.