Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Getting into the Holiday Spirit

There's something warm and wonderful about Holiday Decorations.
Sunday, we took out the tree and set it in it's place of honor - the front window.
Red and Gold ornaments and small red - sheer bows. Nothing fancy, just cozy and inviting. Next to it is the antique rocker that I purchased from a friend and a quilt given to me by one of my employees. (click on the photo)

Between the warmth of the lights and Bing singing in the background,
makes you feel kind of nostalgic.
I went to the mall to walk the other morning. I love the way some of the shops decorate.
What I really dislike are the signs that say "Gifts make Christmas Merry".
That's a pretty sad statement. What ever happened to "Family" makes the Holidays special.
My favorite holiday has always been Thanksgiving. It bothers me to put the Christmas decorations up before then but I guess when you're in retail - it's expected. (the Christmas fabrics start arriving in May) This year we're having our Snowflake Sale start the day after Thanksgiving - we usually wait til after Christmas. It was requested numerous times so we'll give it a whirl.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Be safe always, but especially if you're traveling.

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