Monday, October 19, 2009

Gotta love her...

I have had the flu for a few days so I'm scrambling to catch up on the things I have to do to get ready for our 3rd "Boo Bash"
for Birthday Buddies. It's this coming Saturday and I'm a little behind.

I'm responsible for making up the baskets for the silent auction. So far, these will include a Java Lover's, Chocolate Lover's, Wine Sampler and Pamper Yourself Basket.

While I was setting up the items on the table to see exactly what I had for each, I set the empty baskets on the floor.

I guess from the looks of it we will have to add "Lily Basket" to our list. The description will read something like this:

Basket Contains "Lily Jane" 1 1/2 year old Medium Hair Tabby. Comes complete with hours of non-stop Naughtyness, Curiosity and playfulness. As an added bonus you will get hours of unconditional love and purring. (Warning: sleeps on your head or feet) We usually give you an estimate of the value of the basket... in this case "Priceless".

That furry little bundle makes Jeff's and my world go round.

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