Monday, February 28, 2011

Update on everyones totals..

Week 2... Total loss in 2 weeks

LP -4.2 - 8 lbs
JJ -3.8 - 8.6 lbs
SW -3.8 - 5 lbs

Week 1.... (just joined us)

JO -5.0

Fantastic Ladies!!!!! Nice steady loss, keep up the good work.

Till next week.... stay committed.


Sunday, February 27, 2011

Week 2 of our "Weightloss Journey"

How did it go for you this week? Did you all get weighed in?

I had to weigh in yesterday, instead of today. Alot to do today so I wanted to be sure I got in.

I managed to get to Snap Fitness 3 times this week. Have to admit that I'm not doing very well when it comes to the treadmill. My back hurts so much from the arthritis that sometimes just walking slowly is tough. I have been trying to walk for 30 minutes, I bring a book and if you can get absorbed by the story you don't notice how fast the time goes.

I did start using the machines, but am taking it slow. The trainer said that I need to strengthen some areas before I try to do to much. Surprising how out of shape I've gotten.

So here is my week 2 results. I lost -4.6 lbs for a total so far of -9 lbs.

I'm pleased with that, and the efforts I'm making to get it off. I will admit that there are moments when all I think about is Buca, Rudy's Red Eye, Porter Creek etc. and then I remember the jeans I just got into and zipped without holding my breath or laying down.
I have a dress in my closet that I've had for a while... a long while. It was my favorite but at this weight it won't even go on. When I can put it on, zip it up and breath... I know I'm finally there.

Last week I mentioned Chobani yogurt. Here's a picture of the container.... it's my secret weapon. I am hooked on it. I love veggies but they don't always stop the craving. If you haven't tried this yet - give it a try. I have 2 - 3 per day and it's like eating dessert for a snack.

My goal for next week is to go to Snap at least 3 times and then I may walk at the mall in the morning before I go to work. I enjoy walking at the mall..... as long as the shops are closed. Last time Jeff and I walked at the Mall of America - the shops were open and we spent $76 on stuff. I burned more calories hauling the stuff to the car than I did walking.

Hope you all had a good week and that this coming will be even better. I will post all the weights when I get them. If you have any tips I will post them too.

Think Slim.... Patti

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weight Updates

Here are a few of the totals that have come in so far.

LP -3.8
JJ -4.8
SW -2.2

Excellent... keep up the good work.


Week One... weigh in.

Got up early this morning to beat the snow... it was my first weigh in since I started my weight loss journey. I was determined not to let anything stop me from finding out how I did.

I went to the club 3 times this week. Walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes each time. With these hips and knees - that was all I could do. I did manage to up the speed by day three. Next week, I'll start on the machines. Ken the trainer is going to show me how to use the ones I need.

I lost -4.4 lbs. my first week. I was pleased with that loss especially considering yesterday was our 8th Quilt "Sewcial", that means a fabulous Pizza buffet at Old Chicago, salads, garlic toast, chili and lots of munchies, brownies and cake. UGH.... not on my first week!!!

I had salad for lunch, limited the dressing. Ate carrots, celery and cauliflower from the veggie tray I brought. Thought ahead to bring a little cooler with Greek Yogurt and string cheese.... it helped me cut the hunger before the Pizza was brought out for dinner.

If you like yogurt, try Chobani Greek Yogurt. I don't like thin, runny yogurt. Greek Yogurt is creamy but thick. The fruit on the bottom tastes like fresh fruit, especially the peach. I love it - and only 3 points on WW. 14 grams of protein and NO Fat. Give it a try.

Now for the pizza. I asked the cook at Old Chicago to make sure we had a plain cheese and a veggie pizza along with the others. That way I could enjoy a few slices and keep track of the points. WW lists Old Chicago in their Dining Out book, so I knew in advance what I was having. After the day ended, I was confident that I had kept within my daily points budget.

I love the new WW plan. Now that fruits and most veggies are free, I feel fuller from healthy foods instead of snacking on junk.

I will post the results of the other ladies following as soon as they let me know how they did.

Hope it's going well for you.... til next time.

Friday, February 18, 2011

"Sewcial" tomorrow

Tomorrow is our 8th Quilt "Sewcial".

Spent the morning with Patti H. finishing up the badges, gifts and picking up the munchies for tomorrow. Really getting excited, have a full house - 33 attending.

We start our day at 9:00 AM. Stevie "Wonderhands" is coming to start his fantastic massages at 1:00 and will be there all day and evening. I know I could use his services - what a great way to loosen up after hours of sewing.

Old Chicago is catering as always. Discussed the menu with the banquet coordinator yesterday. Everyone wants the same as last time, soup/chili and salads for lunch and a pizza/salad buffet for dinner. Old Chicago makes great pizza.... who's idea was starting on a weight loss program (and blogging it) a week before the "Sewcial"?????

Better go, have to get the prizes ready and pickup a few things at the shop. Tomorrow morning will be here before I know it.

Will post some photos.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Kick off day tomorrow.

Tomorrow is my official Kick off to Weight loss. I went to Weight Watchers this morning at 9:30 and weighed in.

From there I went to the grocery store to pickup some food and supplies. I started with the fresh vegetables and fruits, then picked up fat free dairy products, chicken and a turkey.

I have never been a lover of any kind of bread that has fiber in it, I'm a white bread girl. This is going to be different for me, I picked up two kinds that are whole grain and have 5Grams of fiber per slice. Since butter is not exactly good for weight loss I picked up some sugar free Marmalade, now I can have toast for breakfast.

This is going to take a while to get the hang of. I haven't really cooked full meals in years. Most of the time we eat out. I don't like to cook and finding the time is also a problem.

I'm making a schedule of when I can go to the club.. want to go at least 4 times per week. Start slowly on the treadmill and bike and then hopefully move on to the other machines. I'm not a lover of exercise.... will give it my best shot.

Hope you're ready to join me.... together we can get slim and healthy.

I'll keep you posted on my progress.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Get on the Bus and leave the hassle to us!!!!

The Minnesota Quilters Show is only a few months away. With the price of gas threatening to go sky high and the expense of parking, Fabric Town is hosting a bus to the show.

Here is our schedule: Thursday, June 16th

Depart Fabric Town - 9:00 AM.
Depart River Centre - 5:00 PM

Fee is $19.00
fee includes Transportation, Goodie bag & $10. Gift Certificate to Fabric Town (redeemable at show or shop June 16 -18)

Stop in or call to reserve your spot. We are filling on a first come first seat basis.
No seats will be held without a deposit.

If you need any further information, please give us a call at 952-432-1827

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Inspiration from friends.

It is no surprise to my friends and customers who knew me back 20 years ago, when I first started working at Fabric Town, that I have gained 65 lbs.

Over the years the pounds start sneaking up on you. Then some event causes stress and it just compounds the situation. (not to mention you hit 50 yrs. old) Well, steroids for the migraines, stress, arthritis in hips and lower back, eating every meal out and no time for exercise are the excuses I have.

I taught a class last night and one of my customers, who I would also consider a friend, commented on my post about the Snap Fitness club.
She told me that she runs 20 miles per week, works out and eats at home instead of all her meals out.

One of our local designers who I'm close to, just lost 50+ lbs. on Weight Watchers. I'm very familiar with WW. I think it's one of the best plans around - it's not a diet it helps you make lifestyle changes that are realistic.

After getting home from the class last night, I started to think about these two ladies. Both are an inspiration to me to get going. I know it's time. I have never had a problem taking the weight off when I really applied myself. It just seems that I can never find the right time to start.

So, I'm going to start on this journey Monday, February 14th. That will be the kick off day. I'll post my weekly results and let you see how I'm doing.

If anyone wants to join me I would love it, you can add your results as well. Wouldn't it be fun to have our own little weight loss blog. Come join me - I have set a goal for my birthday in May. I would like to be 25 - 30 lbs down by then. My birthday is May 20th so that gives me 3 months. Not an unrealistic goal with proper diet and exercise. Let's see how I do.

Thank you P.M and C.P for that little push.


Monday, February 7, 2011

Featherweight sale.

Thank you for your calls and emails about the featherweights. The black machine sold this afternoon. The little celery machine is still available. Please give me a call if you have any questions. (952) 432-1827.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fabulous Featherweights looking for a new home

If you've always wanted a Singer Featherweight, this is your chance . We have two wonderful machines in excellent condition available.

The "Celery" white machine is from 1963. It comes with the original green and cream case in good condition. The machine was "gently" used and has minor marks on it. The tension is good, the stitches even. It has been oiled, and has a new belt.

This machine is fun to take to classes or retreats, not everyone has the "Celery" style. Our last one sold in two weeks - don't miss your opportunity to have one for your collection.

Also, I have a traditional Black Featherweight from 1938. It has the beautiful scroll work on the side plate. The gold trim is in immaculate condition and there are hardly any scratches or marks on the paint.

The box is in wonderful shape, it has a few nicks - considering it's age it's in fantastic shap. The machine comes complete with all the accessories - Including the original booklet, Oil can and grease stick, button hole attachment, Gripper, and more. The Oil Can is a real plus, it sells for $45 on Ebay, if you're lucky enough to find one. This one is in great shape and actually has oil in it.

This little machine humms right along as you make those heirloom quilts.
Seldom have I come across a machine in this nice a condition.

If this is the machine you're looking for, don't miss the chance to own one that is like new. Stop in and I'll be glad to let you test drive it.


Friday, February 4, 2011

Great Harvest Bread Company... Open wide and say YUMMMMM

If you've never had bread from Great Harvest Bread Company, you don't know what you're missing.

Across the street from where I live, there's a Caribou Coffee and attached to it is the GHB company. I love to go to Caribou and do some of my applique or wool work.... Grab a latte and just relax.

While I'm sitting there innocently working on my project, the fantastic aromas of the freshly baked breads are floating from the bread shop into the coffee shop and "grabbing" me. It's just not fair.

I never seem to be able to just, leave without a loaf or some rolls. Today I bought 2 loaves. One for Jeff - Mushroom Swiss and a Cracked Wheat for myself. I'm not a lover of cheese so that justified my getting my own loaf. I guess it wouldn't be that bad if it wasn't for the Butter necessary to make it a full meal deal.

You know what's the worst part... I joined Snap Fitness, it's in the same mall as GHB and Caribou and I've yet to go there. UGH, something is wrong with this picture. I better have a slice of bread and think about it!!!


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pieced Tree Patterns Coming to Fabric Town.

Everybody loves those cute little laminated patterns you see at quilt shops. They're easy to follow, colorful and can be stored nicely in a recipe box for safe keeping.

Did you ever wonder who designed them? Well, we are fortunate to have the very talented designer of these little gems coming to Fabric Town. Her name is Shelley Robeson and she is the owner of "The Quilted Forest" quilt shop in Forest City, Iowa.

I met Shelley years ago when Barb and I took a little road trip and then again years later at Terry Atkinsons Shop Owners retreat. She is one of those ladies that you don't forget. Her sense of humor is fantastic and her talent is never ending.

We are lucky to have Shelley come to our shop during the "Twin Cities Shop Til you Drop Tour". She will be in the shop on Thursday and Friday, April 28th & 29th.

She will be bringing with her a trunk show. We are also making up some of her patterns that we will have kits available for.

Be sure to mark your calendar to stop in and see Shelley while you're hopping. All of us at Fabric Town are excited about her visit and yours.