Monday, May 18, 2009

Perfect day to be in the garden....

What a great day to be outside. For once the forecast matched the weather.

My garden is taking shape. I planted most of my flowers and got the hanging baskets on their hooks. I'm not much of a gardener but I do love to putz with my hosta garden and then a couple of baskets for color. This year I went with Red geraniums,Purple petunias and Violet million bells. Add in the coleus and a spike or two and there you have it... Patti's summer garden.

Last year I planted a few Clematis on a trellis. They were small and didn't do much. Becky is my Garden Guru... you should see her garden - Unbelievable. She told me not to take off the dead clematis vines and stems from last year. That would give the new growth this year, a place to grab on to. Well, it sure did. The vines are about 2 - 3 feet off the ground and have lots of buds on them. When it finally blooms it should be colorful. Will try to get a photo to show you. Not too good yet at adding photo's to my blogs.

Jeff and I have been enjoying a new addition to our family. We lost Quahog our 12 1/2 yr old Boston Terrier in March. Since then we have not had much luck with new dogs... so we decided to go to the Humane Society and adopt a 1 yr. old medium haired Tabby Cat. Her name is Lily Jane. She's GREAT!!! Hits the litter box everytime, not naughty like a puppy and sleeps all night without bugging us - actually, she sleeps with us at the top of the bed.

Watching her play with her toys and chase bugs is very entertaining and funny. She can be occupied for half an hour with an ant. While I write this, she is watching chipmunks on the hill. What an intense stare. Will get a picture of her on the next blog along with the flowers. Patti H. will put her on the website as soon as she gets a minute.

A cat is not like having a dog, but with my schedule it fits in better. I can't always get home to let a dog out and that's unfair to the dog. Someday I hope to have another Quahog... for me there will always be a hole until we do. Lily is going to be a wonderful pet and I am glad to have her.

If you're ever looking for a pet and don't want to train a puppy or kitten, go to the Humane Society. There are alot of really nice pets waiting to be adopted. Everyone wants a cute little puppy or kitty but if you get one that's just a little older and housebroken or litter box trained it is so much easier. When it comes to animals, I'm a softy. Seeing them in the cages waiting for someone to take them to their "forever" home is sad. I don't doubt that somewhere down the road Lily may get a brother or sister.

Well, better go. Time to close up the doors, Seems the June Bugs are out and someone is going to scratch my screens to shreds. Who needs Orkin when you have a "Lily"?

Happy gardening - and Quilting of course.


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