Wednesday, October 7, 2009

On the Road again....

All packed up and ready to leave for the "Eureka" Quilt Show in Rochester. Set up starts at 1:00 tomorrow afternoon. It usually takes us about 3 - 4 hours. This is the last show we have until the end of October.

Our Plymouth show was fantastic. Nice group of ladies and the talent that was displayed was second to none. I fell in love with a Log Cabin (no surprise there) done all in Civil War Repro prints. Put that on my list of future quilts to do.... now to find the booth that sells "TIME" and I'll be all set. Could use those extra roll over minutes you hear about on TV - not to talk, to add to my daily hours. Maybe then I could get something done. In order for me to get the quilts on my "to do list" done, I'll need to live to 106.

If you stop in the shop this weekend and notice that the walls are a little bare and the shelves look a little empty - it's my fault. I took alot of quilts, wallhangings, pincushions etc. with me. All will be back on Monday and back up for all to enjoy.

Hope this weather holds out a little longer, what a perfect day it turned out to be. If you decide to take a little road trip this weekend - come visit us at the show.


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