Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Special Find....

25 years ago, I started collecting Belleek. Belleek is Irish china. It is lovely to look at but hard to handle - it's eggshell thin. I have been in love with it since I first saw it, at my Nana's home in Boston. Nana and my Grand Father came to this country from Ireland where they settled . She shared her love of Belleek with my Mother who in turn shared it with me.

I have a wonderful collection, but have always wanted a cup and saucer with the "Black" logo on the bottom. The black logo means it is one of the first piece's ever made. I have many pieces with the green logo or brown, but the black is hard to find. And when you do find one, they are priced at $150 - $200.

Two weeks ago I was looking at Belleek on Ebay, just to see what they were getting for select pieces. I just happened to see that someone had a cup and saucer offered with a starting bid of $15. That I found hard to believe, then I saw the picture of the bottom of the cup... the "Black" Logo. I can tell you it was a rush - here was my chance to get it. So I placed a bid. I decided not to go any higher than $50. The auction ended in 3 hours.

I watched it every half hour until it got to the final 15 minutes, then I stayed glued to my screen. I looked at lots of sites, Antique Quilts, Featherweights and China Teapots... but kept going back to my bid. Nobody had bid anything on it. The final 8 minutes someone bid it up to $20. I waited but had my bid ready to go - the last 30 seconds I put in the bid for $24.45 and WON.

Here it is, my newest treasure.....

The "Black" Logo

I have another cup and saucer set (green logo) and am tempted to make a cup of tea using it. Then sit on my couch wrapped in a quilt and enjoy going through my Quilt Sampler Magazines. That is one of my favorite things to do, now to add the Belleek and it would be heavenly.

Keep Warm