Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Goodbye Old Friend....

The fair ended, hard to say Goodbye to all my new friends. This fine specimen won a few ribbons and as you can see is lookin' pretty darn proud.

Well, back to the shop and to the normal routine. Have several upcoming shows to get ready for.

Putting the class schedule together and getting the new samples done. We've got a busy fall and winter planned.

Schedule should be on our web site Sept. 1st, some fun classes coming up. Offering a few of the ones we had last time - per request. So if life got in the way of you taking one you wanted, check and see if it's offered again.

Anyway.... The fair is over, No more Cotton Candy, Corn Dogs, Gyros or Italian Ice. I guess if I get desperate I can go to the State Fair. To all the Weight Watchers leaders that might be reading this - I'm just kidding. I'm using my points on fruits and veggies!!!


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