Thursday, October 13, 2011

Volunteer Tables

 Do you need a cutting table? Are you looking for a nice work space that won't take up too much room? What I was looking for -  a table where I would have an area  for up my cutting mat next to my machine and a bonus would be to have a little space for an iron.  I found my solution, the "Volunteer Table". It's a portable table that as you can see from the photo is very compact. I'ts approximately 3" deep when take apart.(all the legs and pieces are stored inside)  Easy to store...which is important to me, I'm limited in storage at our apt.

 Perfect height for cutting 36" and can be lowered down to 29" with a flip of the base. Has two sturdy shelves for great storage. The larger one, also has two heights but the best part is the fact that you can comfortably sit and sew at it. I was hooked the minute I sat down at it. I liked the nice finish, the color and the fact that it was light enough for me to flip it, if I wanted it higher.
Jeff S. the designer will be coming to the shop in November to demonstrate the table. In the meantime, we have the smaller version set up to show you and I do have one in stock for sale. This table just might be the answer to your quilting, cutting and crafting needs.

Stop in and check them out...

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