Tuesday, October 4, 2011

How do you buy fabric?

When you go to the quilt shop, do you go with a plan? Is there a specific pattern you have in mind or are you just looking in general?

One of our customers, Sharron Grocott, was in the shop the other day and was looking at some of our newest Holiday Fabric. She loved the prints and we got to chatting about "Buying on Speculation".

Sharron explained to me how she purchases fabrics. If she sees a line of fabric that she likes and doesn't have an actual pattern or plan, she buys on speculation. She starts with the main print and depending on the type of fabric she will purchase between 3 - 5 yards. From there she collected the accent fabrics and said that she usually bought 1 - 2  yards  of each. That gives her ample for most patterns.

I was always told that a good rule of thumb was, when in doubt, get 3 yards. This amount will allow for outer borders and some for the  piecing.  Sharron just confirmed that rule.

So the next time you're at your local quilt shop and see a fabulous line - but have no plan, think of Sharron. That will ensure that you have enough of that special fabric to complete your project.

Thanks Sharron for letting me share this.

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