Thursday, October 6, 2011

November is Birthday Buddies Month at FT

November is "Birthday Buddies" month at Fabric Town.
Most of our customers already know what Birthday Buddies is and how important it is to me.
For those who are unfamiliar with it, I'll give you a brief description and the address of our website so you can check it out.

Birthday Buddies is a non-profit 501C organization that  was started by my sister Nancy and I several years ago. In our family your birthday was a special day in fact, it usually lasted a full week. It's a day that's all about you, it makes you feel important and it helps to build self esteem.With the economy in a decline and many families experiencing financial hardships.... birthday parties fall pretty low on the list of priorities. Our mission is to make sure that every child has a birthday with cake, toys and memories.

We service Dakota, Hennepin, Anoka, Scott and Ramsey counties. We work through School Counselors, Social Services and many other County Agencies. When a request comes in, Nancy custom makes the bag according to individual needs. Each bag contains approx. $30 worth of items. There is a cake mix and frosting, candles, plates, napkins, Main toy, coloring books, crayons, books, socks and a toothbrush and tooth paste, tissue paper and a birthday gift bag, all these items are placed in a large plain bag so the parents can get them in the house undetected.  Depending on the season, the bags can contain knit hats and gloves.

Through the year, we do whatever is possible to collect the needed items. One of our customers, Jill Harms, has been making small doll quilts for us since our inception. Alot of little girls will enjoy those for years to come.  Along with Fabric Town, there have also been toy drives at Bear Patch Quilt Shop in White Bear Lake and Monique's School of Dance in Apple Valley.
We're going into our slowest time for donations.  I realize that many of you give to organizations collecting toys for Christmas... what about the Birthday's that fall in Nov. & Dec?  We could really use your help. 

November 1st, we will be collecting TOYS, cake mixes/frostings, birthday plates and napkins. You can drop them off at the Fabric Town or if you live by Bear Patch, stop in and give them to one of the ladies, they'll let me know.  As a Thank You, your name will go in a drawing for a $25 gift certificate to Fabric Town.  will have the drawing on December 1stl


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