Sunday, October 30, 2011

"Cranberries & Calico Primitives" new pattern

I just finished my sample for the shop of "Cranberries & Calico Primitives" new pattern "Warm and Wooly Mitten".  It's a cotton lined wool mitten. Appliqued then blanket stitched together.  If you want to give it the well worn feel, pick the cotton between the stitches so that it shows. Hard to see it in this photo, but up close it looks old.

I went out in my yard and snipped the pine branches and pine cones to stuff it with. When I get to the shop I have some red berries to put in as well. The best part of using real pine is the scent. Right now my entire kitchen smells like a Christmas Tree Lot. In my opinion, that's one of the best scents of the Holiday season.

Lots of possibilities with this mitten. I don't know if I should stitch a ribbon onto one corner and hang it from a doorknob or set it in my bathroom in a basket with rolled towels. I may just make several and put them in the wire basket in the photo. I guess this is one of those patterns that you can embellish lots of different ways to make it fun.

We have the patterns available at the shop - make your own "Warm and Wooly Mitten" today.

If you need a quick gift  this would make a Great gift idea.

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