Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Almost to the finish line.

 Just working on the last 3 blocks of my "Comfort and Joy"  Block of the Month.Still have a few more of the filler parts and then the borders to put on.
 This has been so much fun to work on. If you've always wanted to give applique 
a try, this is the easiest kind. All the pieces are fused on and then I either blanket stitched them by hand or did machine satin stitch. If you like to needle turn, this would be wonderful to do. Either method you choose, it would look great.
 This morning I wanted to lay it out and see how it was looking. With all the floor space available... look who has to sit on my project. The minute I layed it out, he strolled over and sat down. Before I knew it he had made himself very comfortable.
If you'd like to make a "Comfort & Joy" quilt for yourself, there are still a few kits available at the shop. But please note, Naughty little Boston Terrier not included in kits. 

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