Sunday, May 29, 2011

Vintage Find.

Awhile ago,Jeff and I decided to spend the day looking at antiques.
One of our downfalls is a vintage log cabin or flower garden quilt.

It's made up of fabrics from the 50's and 60's.
(Funny how we have several reproductions in the shop that resemble them.)

This quilt isn't hand pieced but it's hand quilted. There are no frays, holes or other marks on it. When we got it home, we filled up the bathtub and put in about a half cup of vintage quilt soap. After about an hour - and lots of pushing up and down into the warm water, I drained it.
The water was actually brown. I re-filled the tub and continued to push the quilt under the water to rinse off all the soap. Would you believe it, three times until it came completely clean.

What a difference in the color. It went from tan and taupe to cream and off white.
The colors really came back and it feels so much more snuggly. The cotton batting must have been filthy as well as the quilts top.
This was a wonderful find.... I can tell you it's used every night and truly enjoyed.
To the quilt maker, whoever you are.... Thank you for a much loved quilt.

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Julie Stewart said...

This is beautiful, Patti. I love old quilts!! The big red centers are so cheerful!