Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Smokie ??????

For the past 4 - 5 days there has been a "Lost Cat" flyer posted to every tree, fence and all over our neighborhood.

The lost cat's name is Smokie, he has long gray hair and green eyes. He responds to clapping of hands and his name. He was lost on Saturday night.

So.... On my way home from Buca - a local Italian Restaurant (where I was purchasing Jeff's "Home cooked" dinner) I spot Smokie walking down the sidewalk about 2 blocks from where I knew a flyer was posted.

I quickly pull the truck off the road, jump out and start clapping my hands and calling him. He stops walking and comes directly to me. At this point I carefully and cautiously pick him up. He's kinda complaining but not much. I then pick up the pace and head up the sidewalk to where I remember the flyer. I'm not exactly running but I'm makin' time. All the while, Smokie is starting to complain and wiggle. Hang on Smokie - we're gonna call your Mom!!!

I finally jog the 2 blocks to the posted sign, I get my phone out of my pocket.... Smokie now starting to get very wiggly and MAD. I make the call. It rings about 30 times, at least it felt like it. I'm still holding on and trying to soothe this cat.

A lady comes on and I tell her that I believe I've found Smokie. Wrong... they found him this AM and just haven't taken the signs down yet.

At this point Smokie lets out a low growl and bolts from my arms. Feeling bad about taking him from his neighborhood, I find him under a bush and coax him out with the clap again.

I then walk slowly, as not to upset "Smokie" - all the way back the two blocks to return him to his neighborhood and get Jeff's truck.

Now I can't sing, never have been good at it - but evidently who ever that cat was liked it because as long as I kept singing he didn't try to get away.

I guess if this gig at Fabric Town doesn't pan out, I could try American Idol. Just Sayin"

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Annemarie Yohnk said...

American America's Most Wanted for cat nabbing. (Not cat napping). Glad it all worked out for the best...funny story!