Saturday, May 14, 2011

5 Week Mystery revealed

Our "5 Week Mystery" has ended and it's time to reveal the finished quilt.
This pattern is Here There and Everywhere by Susan Nelson of Prairie Sky Quilting. Many thanks Susan for a wonderful pattern. When Susan wrote it, it was not intended as a mystery, Lola divided it into sections so we could use it as one. The fun part of it was it took only 3 fabrics. you made 3 different block segments and depending on how you put your segments together.... several different blocks could be made. That was our mystery ending and it surprised everyone.

I do apologize for the poor quality photo, I just tacked it up on the bolts to take a quick picture. The colors are not as rich in this photo as they are when you see it in the shop.

We have been asked if we're going to do another mystery.... Lola is already working on it.

Many thanks to the fun ladies that participated, I look forward to seeing all of your quilts.
Again, Thank you Susan, keep those patterns coming.

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