Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Accuracy at your fingertips.

I realize that this is not a new gadget. But I want to Thank Celine Perkins for putting out one that is easy to use and makes my 1/4" seams accurate.

If you have a problem like I do with accuracy, this little ruler is wonderful. I realize it's hard to see in the photos but it has a tiny hole in it. You place it under your presser foot and lower the needle down into the hole. Check to make sure the ruler running parallel with the edge of your throat plate. I use moleskin as a guide but you can use tape if you like, I place it up against the ruler and I know that I'm sewing with a perfect 1/4" seam.
I'm all for anything that makes my quilting better. This is an inexpensive little gadget and one that's well worth the purchase price.

Once again..... Thanks Celine.

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