Sunday, May 15, 2011

Just a little Sneak Peek...

This is a sneak peek at my newest project.

I found a cardboard daisy decoration at the party store and this idea came to mind. Actually, several ideas popped up but this is the one I decided to try.

Once again, I'm working with 1930's prints. I just seem to be drawn to them, maybe it's the softness. Even when I purchase Antique quilts, they all seem to be Feed Sacks.

Right now I don't have the entire layout planned. They"ll probably end up measuring between 13" and 14" so they aren't small flowers. I was thinking of a 3 x 4 block layout and then sashing them with the assorted colors. I don't even think it'll need borders. Just sash all the sides and then add the binding.

I'll have to talk to Patti H, (
and see if she can quilt it using a small meander so the flowers pop.

On my list of "Favorite Things" you can add small meander... when washed the quilt gets that vintage crinkled look. For some reason that reminds me of my Grandmother. I'm not sure why, She didn't quilt - but she sewed unbelievable clothing, and never had handmade quilts on the beds. I'm not sure what memory old quilts evoke. I just know that what ever the memory is... it's comforting and warm.

This project will take me a little time to complete, I have to squeeze the hand stitching part in between everything else. I also am still working on my NY Beauty when I get the chance. I may just have to take a few days off to do nothing but complete projects. Oh darn, days to sit home on my deck and sew... don't you hate it when that happens??? Me too....

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