Tuesday, May 22, 2012

There's no place like Home

 Dorothy once said "There's no place like Home".... after 4 days at Quilt Market, walking approx 10 miles up and down aisles... the girl was correct.  Yesterday, it was time to  pack up and say goodbye to Kansas City.  Here's just an idea of what Laurel and I had in our room,  we loaded the valet cart - and I mean loaded. Debbie and Pam had their own collection of things in their room as well.
 We managed to get it all in the back of the van... I imagine we looked like a Low Rider as we cruised down the highway.  (Shocks don't fail us know).
 This is the happy but tired group. From the left - me, Debbie, Laurel and Pam. A really fun group to travel with. I'm so glad they asked me to go with them. I had a fantastic time. After we left KC the backseat navigators directed Laurel to several fun locations.
 We pulled into Liberty and our first stop was at "American Whatever". Wool Heaven!!! If you're into rug hooking, this is the place for you. I have never seen so many patterns for rugs, so much wool and then add antiques and four legged friends - maybe that's why it's called "Whatever". They had a dog sound asleep in a chair, one on another chair with a little girl doing her homework. A Cat in the side room watching every move you made and a screened room with free flying birds. Quite the menagerie. We made our purchases and got back in the van to head to the next destination.
 A quick stop in Stewartsville to check out their little shop. If you're familiar with Tula Pink, this is the shop for you.  Friendly ladies, cute displays.   Once done there, we were back on the road headed South.

 Our last stop was at The Quilt Block in West Des Moines.  This shop was a so bright and nicely lit by the large windows. Filled with an excellent selection of samples to inspire you. Many had a kit to go with them for easy shopping and fabrics lines to please every type of quilter. If you're passing through W. Des Moines, stop and see for yourself, it's worth it.  After we left The Quilt Block, we headed to our final destination... Home.

I had a wonderful time, I found some fun patterns, several new Block-of-the-month ideas and don't forget  fabrics. Some of the things will be in the shop in a few days, some soon and others will be coming later.  We'll be working to get samples and kits done for many of the new projects. I hope you like the selections.. it was not easy to make the decision on what to say yes to and what to pass on. I would have liked to take it all !!!!!

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