Monday, May 7, 2012

My Calm place

It's always a surprise to me when someone comes in and asks me why I haven't put any new photos of____________________ on my blog. The subjects vary from Quahog to my deck. During the Shop Hop I had a few ladies ask if I had my deck set up and was I going to post photos. I was surprised, I guess I just hadn't thought about it with the nasty weather we've had. So, for those two nice ladies I will write about my deck. My favorite place to relax is my deck... no surprise to those who follow my blog. I truly enjoy sitting out there in the early hours of the day, having a cup of coffee or at night when it's quiet and the day is ending. At the end of the season we packed up a box of my deck things to put away til Spring. This morning, I unpacked them and they're going back in their spots.

I have had these rocks for a few years. I got them at Valley Girl Coffee Shop in their boutique. They pretty much say it all.

He's my favorite, I'm a hedgehog addict. This little guy has been around for awhile and he makes me smile every time I see him.

For now I sit at the table, but as soon as Jeff gets my Wicker Chair painted... I'll be relaxing in a comfortable rocker. I may even make cushions to match the new tablecloth I'm working on.

Because Quahog is a "muncher" I'm limited in the kind of plants I can have. It seems that Silk works well.. but this basket is real. It hangs over the railing of the deck and no little lips can reach it. This is just what I could set up this morning, I have a lot more to do. I'm looking forward to spending quiet hours working on things for the shop - like maybe a little embroidery or wool project.  I hope this little update is enough for now, I'll keep you posted as my deck takes shape. Thank you ladies for following my blog and it was nice to meet you.

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