Sunday, May 27, 2012

Holiday Hello

Happy Holiday Weekend to all.

Today, the shop will be open from Noon til 4:00. Jeff and I are going in to get a few things done. It's time to take down the wonderful trunk show from Kim Diehl. It'll be moving on to another shop somewhere to be admired. I hope everyone got the opportunity to stop in and see it while it was here, that's just a tiny sample of what she's bringing in August. If you'd like to see more of her fantastic quilts and hear her lecture, be sure to sign up for the Trunk Show on Friday, August 25th. 6:00 - ?

The other thing for our agenda today is to put up a few new samples. The things I brought back from Market will be displayed this week. Mostly, it's patterns. The new fabrics that were ordered have delivery dates starting in August. That's one of the down sides of Market - the fabrics aren't available immediately. 

Lola was in on Thursday and picked up 3 of the new patterns and the fabrics to make up some samples. When Lola gets a 4 day weekend... she sews up a storm. As soon as we get them quilted, we'll have them on display with the kits. Some really fun things.

I owe an apology to Sharon B. When I posted the photo of the little wool-felt Halloween topper, I said to stop in and pick up a kit. I'm sorry you stopped and it was not available. I expected the kits to be in and they aren't. They should be here by Tuesday and I will put one aside for you. I got mine done and it was alot of fun...  worth the wait. Once again, sorry Sharon.

I hope you all have a relaxing Holiday. I'm looking forward to just taking it easy and working on a few little samples. If the weather cooperates, my sister is having a cookout. That's always fun.

Be safe,

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Pam said...

Had a great cup of coffee yesterday--thanks, Patti!