Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ready for Quilt Market

 I leave on Thursday to go to Quilt Market in Kansas City. It's been a long time since I've gone. Before Barb retired, we went every fall. This time, I'm going with the Bear Patch girls, Laurel and Deb and their Manager Pam. I was starting to get my things all packed up.... do you see anything wrong with my lovely tote bag ? (above). 
Evidently, Heide did. Today, she brought me an early birthday gift. An absolutely, out of this world, totally  fantastic bag from Brighton. It's the perfect size for traveling. It will hold my wallet, date book, makeup and new bras that I bought especially for the trip. (the new underwear is incase of an accident.. you wouldn't want to embarrass your Mom by having on old underwear in the emergency room - I already did that once in 1971, she still remembers). I will be really stylin' when we roll into KC.

Thank you Heide... I will take photo's and post them of me having a wonderful time at Market -sporting my  new bag.

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