Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hard to pick and choose

This is getting harder and harder to narrow down what to buy, what to consider and what to just put on the back burner. One of my favorite companies is Cleo & Me. Barbie Jo is the designer and it was nice to be able to tell her how cute her runners and toppers are. Last season, Becky and Theresa made up the snowman and reindeer. They were both hits.
I love Gingerbread men (and woman) so this little runner was one I decided on right way. I'm looking forward to making it - maybe on a hot, humid summer day. That should cool me off.
It was nice to see Pam and her husband again. Pam is the designer of "Piece by Piece" patterns. I'm sure you've admired many of her designs in the shop, over the years.
Picked up a few more patterns and I'm sure they'll be popular when we get them made up.  Pam is also going to send us a few quilts to share with you in August for the Quilt MN shop hop. Be sure to check them out when you're hopping.
No introduction necessary for this lady... Celine Perkins of "Perkins Dry Good"s.  I just barely got to talk to her, she was a busy lady. No small wonder, her newest patterns are fantastic.
Just a quick shot of Molly, Celine's daughter. She's there, helping her Mom out.
This is something that REALLY makes me happy. The Quilted Forest is going to be in the next "Quilt Sampler" magazine that comes out this fall. You all know Shelley... she's the designer that came up with all those little laminated patterns.
Look at that smile!!!! She has every right to be proud, and so does her husband Dan. They have worked very hard and are deserving of this award.  If you ever pass by Forest City, Iowa you have to stop at her shop.  She has something for everyone.  I also want to say Congratulations to my friend Melisa who also got into the same Quilt Sampler. She is the owner of "Sweet Home Quilt Company" in Conyers, Georgia.  She too has worked hard to have a shop worthy of the label "Top Ten".
This photo says it all..... wool, wool, wool, love wool !!!!! Picked up a nice selection. Heide will be happy - and so will her Creative Ewe club.  I have plans she is going to have to share. That's about it for today. Will probably post one more tomorrow before we head home on Monday. I hope you're seeing things you like.

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