Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The loading begins.

The loading begins, last night Jeff came to help me load the truck. I wanted to get all the tubs we already packed out of the shop so there was room for the customers to move around. We plan on starting to set up today at 4:00 and then our scheduled appt. is for Wed. at 11:00. This will give us a few extra hours to get it set up without too much pressure. We want to make sure we haven't forgotten anything..etc. I've got a list but we all know how that goes.

Well, while I was loading I came upon a stow away in the box of the truck sitting on the tubs.
Look who's back from her vacation and anxious to get to the show.... it's Gingie.

I noticed that she was even wearing a fancy dress and had her lounge chair with her to sit in the booth. Haven't had a chance to chat with her to see when and where she'll be traveling to next. For right now - she's heading to the Minnesota Quilter's show.

I wiill post some photos of our booth as it progresses. Funny how you have a plan in your head of how you want it set up. Then when you get there it takes on a life of its own and finishes up totally different. Either way it will be filled with lots of fun new projects for everyone.

Looking forward to seeing you there.


PS: Remember to stop by and bring in your list of Gingies travels to receive your fat quarter pack.

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