Tuesday, June 28, 2011

After the storm.

This Spring was really a strange one. Now that we're supposedly into Summer - it's just as strange.

I think there's more mushrooms in the lawn than blades of grass. When you walk on it, it's squishy. The poor farmers either can't get into their fields to plant or the plants are drowning from the rain and suffering from the lack of sun.

My lovely basket of Million Bells that the girls at the shop gave me was so beat up from the rain and wind, that it lost all it's flowers.

They always say that after the rain - a rainbow. Well my entire basket is covered with wonderful buds... I guess you could say, a million of them. It made it through the storms and is bigger and stronger. Sounds like the description of alot of women I know.

The sun is coming out and it's suppose to be a wonderful "Summer" day.

I hope you all have a Million Bells kind of day.


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