Saturday, June 18, 2011

MQ show is over, now on to the Quilt Minnesota Hop.

The 2011 Minnesota Quilters show came to a close at 4:00 today. It was a great show and we had fun. It's always nice to see quilters having a good time and getting excited about a new project.

Gingie was excited. She got to sit with Sue Poser from Gruber's and chat. Then she went over to the "Quilt Minnesota" Quiltapoloza booth to check out the new fabric for this years hop.
While she was there, she checked on the bus tour. 21 shops in 3 days for only $199.

That's a fantastic deal. Now she can complete two sections and qualify for the wonderful gifts they're offering.
With the cost of gas, this is a bargain. Just give Mary at Quilted Treasures in Rogers a call and sign up today.

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