Wednesday, June 15, 2011


On the weekends, Jeff and I like to go to the Keys Cafe in St. Paul. It's a family owned restaurant with huge cinnamon buns, great Italian Hash and hot, spicy homemade sausage.
They have many locations but this is the one we prefer.

If you like Nostalgia... you'd love Succotash the Vintage-Retro shop a couple doors down from the cafe.
Jeff and I love to go and check out at all the crazy things this shop has to offer.
I really love the way that you can just see a glass or canister set and it can take you back to a place in your past. Many of the things we see, our parents had in our homes as we were growing up.

Remember the aluminum kitchen sets... I do. Now they're back in style, especially the ones with the red shiny tops and vinyl covered-high back chairs. Funny, back then it was just a kitchen set and now if you have the original it's worth double or triple the price your parents paid for it.

I remember my Mother and Grandmother telling me that if I hung on to things long enough they would come back in style. Funny.... hip huggers and bell bottoms did. (I did that once, never again)

You all know I have Quahog, Boston Terriers were the breed most popular in the 50's. Most people who don't have a Boston would not know this but - they're back and on the top of the breed- list for popularity? Watch how many TV commercials have a Boston in it - I can name at least 10. The breeder said her puppies are sold out before they are even born.

How about the aluminum Christmas trees... silver with a color wheel. Find one at an antique shop that's in good condition and you'll get sticker shock. I could list a dozen fun things that are making a come back.

It's just fun and very Nostalgic.

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