Friday, June 1, 2012

Sorry if you made the trip.

I apologize if you made the trip to the shop last night and we were closed.

I got the call on Wednesday night that my Mother had fallen out of her wheelchair and hurt her shoulder. By morning they had decided to send her to the hospital to see if they could find a break or fracture. She was in a great deal of pain.

They did the Xrays and think she has a fracture by her shoulder. I saw the films and it does look to be hairline. They gave her alot of pain medicine and sent her back to the nursing home last night. Hopefully the sling will keep it from moving til it can heal. They said that surgery was not an option, it would be to hard on her. She's 84 and getting more frail each time I see her.

I hope this did not inconvenience anyone and I thank you for your understanding.


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