Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Proud Beginners...

Tonight was the final night of Beginning Quilting. Three of the ladies had their quilts totally sewn together. This is Linda with her version of Lola's pattern.  They each chose their own setting. Nice choice Linda!!
A proud Anita with her first quilt... and you have every right to be. I love the star center.
Sue's quilt is made with sunflower print fabric. Excellent choice of setting and a job well done. 

Hard to believe that 5 weeks ago these quilts were just yards of fabric on bolts. Lola once again did a wonderful job of teaching.  I know the ladies enjoyed their first quilting experience, they already have a special class scheduled to continue on with another project. I look forward to seeing them all again, they were a fun group and as you can see - talented.

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Anita said...

It was so neat to see how everyone piece together their quilt -- the possibilities were just endless. I am looking forward to the next class and seeing what everyone comes up with too. :)