Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mary Ellen's Made by Hand

I ordered  Mary Ellen's Made by Hand therapy gel for the shop, after I tried a sample. I really liked the way it made my hands feel. It's not a lotion, so you won't feel greasy. It's more the texture and feeling of the hand sanitizers that are everywhere. But... it's not a sanitizer. It's for tired, sore, dry quilter's hands.

In it's composition is White Willow Bark, which is known for its healing properties. It helps with inflammation and soreness. Along with the pain relief it softens and reduces dryness.

Today I tried it on Quahog. It was a desperation move, he has some kind of  face allergy and we are waiting for an appt. with the dermatologist. I put just a tiny amount on his swollen, scratched raw cheek. It did not burn him or irritate him in any way. It did just the opposite - it helped with the redness and he stopped scratching. I applied a small amount to the inside of his ear where it was all torn up as well. It's been over 2 hours and he hasn't scratched once.

I'm not promoting this for the use on animals, without checking with a vet I would be careful. All I'm saying is that if it could stop him from the constant scratching - think how good it would make your hands feel when they are tired and sore. It must have some wonderful healing powers if it made his little face calm down.

I recommend  that anyone who works alot with their hands give this a try. I have arthritis in a few fingers, if it can help them on the achy days it will be worth every cent.

Stop in the shop and pick up a tube for yourself...  see if you agree. I bet you'll be happy you did.

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