Saturday, March 3, 2012

Eagan High School's Quilt Show.

Today was Eagan High School's 17th Annual Women's History Month Quilt Exhibit. Fabric Town along with 4th & Main from Cannon Falls and Twin Cities Quilting from Roseville were the vendors.

Celine Perkins  - "Perkins Dry Goods" was the guest speaker. Her lecture was on vintage quilts and what they meant to her as she designs similar patterns, using more modern techniques. The days of the cardboard template are over... we now use rotary cutting equipment and many new tools to make our craft easier and more efficient. It was very interesting and Celine is a wonderful speaker. I took a few photos of our booth before the show started.  The quilt you are seeing in this photo is the Nine Patch with Attitude that Becky made. It doesn't matter the number of times  I see this quilt, it always intrigues me. Becky made the blocks while doing a demo at the last MQ show in Duluth. Since that demo I bet we've sold 300 patterns.

I took several quick shots of our booth. We set up in the library where the quilts were hanging. It's the perfect venue. The high ceiling is glass and lets in the most wonderful light. The quilts hang from the second level railings.

The quilt on the right is a new sample that Lola made for us. The pattern is done by Dueling Divas Quilts. Today was it's debut.... we sold out the kits and patterns almost immediately.  Thank you Lola for making such a nice sample, Patti H for the great quilting and especially Jane and Michelle for designing such a fantastic quilt.  We have more fabric on order to make up more kits. They will be available soon.

This beautiful quilt as well as the one on the left are Celines. We were lucky enough to have then to display along with the Corner Cutters used in her class. It was nice to see how excited the quilters got when they found a simple tool that would help with those corners and nubs.,

This is Celine's quilt  "Grandpas Best".

This is just a picture of what the booth looked like from across the isle. We had vintage suitcases with little rolls and fat quarters in them. Also a copper boiler with a quilt popping out of it. And old sewing machine drawers for holding the patterns. It had a nice warm feeling. You can see some of the quilts hanging from above.

Funny how it always turns out different then you expected when you were planning it in your head. I like the result. It was a great show and everyone seemed  please with what we brought.

I didn't have the chance to take pictures of all the quilts, but I did find Gail K. one of our favorite ladies... and she had a quilt on display.  Here she is standing with her quilt. If you notice you can't see both at the same time.... that's because Gail is tiny and the quilt was hung VERY high. The photo that showed both of them together was out of focus. So this is how we have to show it.

This is Gails Block of the Month Quilt. Very nicely done, looks vintage.Thanks Gail for letting me take the photo... Excellent quilt.  Well that was a wonderful day. I truly enjoyed myself and look forward to next year. Many thanks again to Laura Nagel for inviting us, it was a wonderful show and lecture. Love the new Saturday idea. If you need us next year, we'll be there

We did hand out flyers about our 2 Workshops and lecture/trunk show - in August with Kim Diehl. Several ladies signed up for the class and the trunk show. If you are interested in taking the workshop, I hope you will get your reservation in ASAP, we only have 30 spaces per Workshop and considerably more for the trunk show but they too are filling. Give the shop a call (952) 432-1827
and save your seat. (payment must be made at the time of reservation to guarantee your spot).

I hope everyone enjoyed their day at the show. If you weren't able to get to the show, you still have time. The show goes to March 22.  It's really worth taking a few hours and going to the High School to enjoy one of the nicest quilt exhibits I've seen in a while.

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Tiffanee Goins Noack said...

Congrats on your venue!! I work(volunteer) in a quilt shop and I'm usually the one that gets to go with the owner ro venues. So I know ALL the hard work it takes to set these up!! And how it never turns out the way you think will!! Sometimes even better!! The quilts are BEAUTIFUL...I even think I see a pattern I just might have to get!! Too bad I don't live closer, cause I probably would have maxed out my credit card!!