Sunday, March 11, 2012

Good Morning - Springtime.

Woke up this morning to a wonderful Sunny day. Last night was Day Light Savings so at midnight, we sprang forward.

I just took a refreshing walk with Quahog. We haven't been able to do that since late November. Boston Terriers don't handle cold or heat well, so we avoid both.  After a few minutes into our walk I realized  we're both out of shape. I knew I was, but really didn't give it much thought that he could be. I guess sitting around all winter and eating lots of treats has turned him into little butter ball.  We won't use any descriptions to describe me.. lets just go with out of shape.

Ok, time for a plan. I know my time is always limited and my hours at the shop are erratic, so I'll have to work around them.  Quahog loves to go outside and walk, when the weather is nice. I'm thinking the two of us could get up a bit earlier and take a leisurely walk in the morning. Then when I get home after work, take a walk where we pick up the pace. That would help him to burn off any energy he has from being in his kennel and help me burn a little extra calories too.

I think Weight Watchers is the other plan. I have been meaning to get back on track for awhile but finding the time and actually the motivation has been hard.

The beautiful Sunny day, the wonderful cool breeze and Qua.. those are great motivators. Not to mention, that really nice pair of slacks that don't fit any longer.

Spring is a time for renewal so here we go.

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