Sunday, March 4, 2012

Is it Spring yet????

Spring, it’s almost here. We were really very lucky with the winter we’ve had. When we get to February/March it feels like it’s never going to end.

This is just a little thing I do to make it feel like it’s almost over, I like to make up some new fresh placemats, table runners and toppers or a spring wall hanging. The pastel colors, the floral and cheery fabrics make me feel hopeful.  When the colors are bright and uplifting it does something for your mood and spirit.

I think everyone on the planet knows that I live for my deck; it’s my own little world.  During the winter, I spend hours planning on the colors I’ll do it in. Last year it was lilac and blue with the coral color of my impatience pots.   The table cloth I made was floral and brought such a soft feeling to the corner where I have a tiny rod iron ice cream parlor table and chairs.  My wicker rocker was painted a soft lilac…. It was my little piece of heaven.

It’s the same way I like to look at fabric when I’m planning a quilt. What would make me feel a certain way? If I want a quilt for my living room, I would want it in rich reds, browns and tans. Choosing for my 2nd bedroom – which is technically my sewing room, would be soft 1930’s looking prints.   I know when the choice is right by the way I can easily picture the quilt already done. Kind of like having an EQ program in my head.

Pattern has as much to do with it as the color selections. I guess I’m more of a traditional quilter. I like things organized, just not into the random looking style.

Do you plan your quilt by pattern or find fabrics you love and then choose the pattern? Kind of like the chicken and the egg… which came first? When I’m at the shop and a line of fabric arrives, quite often a pattern just jumps into my head. Then there’s the times when I have a wonderful pattern but just can’t seem to locate exactly what I envision the fabrics to look like.

I guess what this boils down to is that you can change your mood, the feeling of a room or almost anything by just your choice of palette. Now that spring is upon us, it’s time for a lighter feeling. Start your day off with a new set of placemats made from some soft floral prints –you’ll be amazed how coffee and an English muffin just seem to be better.

Have a wonderful day, think Spring!!!

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mommaras said...

Are their kits ready in my color palettes? Don't know what eelse it is except Kansas troubles. LOL! :)