Thursday, February 9, 2012


Being the owner of a small business, I've learned that at every turn there's an expense. You expect rent, utilities and insurances but you never really think about the Credit Card fees - until the statement comes.

Every time you use your credit card or debit card the retailer pays a fee. The fees are determined by the type of card and the amount of sale. The debit card is charged the least percentage. If you use a card that offers "Miles" the fees are higher. The small business is really paying for your flight in the long run.  American Express is the worse, and we do not take their card for this reason.

With the rising cost of every thing it would be nice to cut expenses and be able to pass the savings on to you, the consumer. To help cut this expense, effective today, if you use cash or check instead of a credit or debit card your name will go into a drawing for a $20 Fabric Town Gift Certificate.

We will have drawings every other month on the first. (April, June, August, October & December)

I hope you will consider this the next time you're in. We will gladly take your cards, but if possible, please write us a check.


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Anita said...

Thank you for the info, Patti. I did not realize some credit card companies charged a higher fee. Going forward, I will most certainly try to use less plastic and more paper.