Saturday, February 11, 2012

Today is the "Sewcial"

Today is our 11th Quilt Sewcial. We are expecting a full house. I just wanted you to see all the little gifts "Other Patti" and I have been working on. This is what we like to call "Fat Free Smoothies" They consist of two fat quarters and each has a fun name. The Red one is called Cherries Jubilee, the green is a Raspberry Kiwi.

This is called and Peaches and Cream and is my favorite.
Each Sewcial, "Other Patti" and I try to come up with something handmade.  This time we decided to make Lemon Sugar Scrub in cute cloth pouches.  Working with fabric and sewing in general, makes your hands dry. I found that  this is the best remedy.  It's 100% natural, no preservatives or additives. Pure Cane Sugar, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and lemon oil. I've been using it every night and sometimes in the day, for the past week. My hands feel like velvet and my cuticles are no longer dry.

I went to IKEA and picked up some really cute little jars to put it in but they leaked, so we changed gears and went with a ball jar. Tiny spoons for scooping. The color looks a little darker than it is- it's more yellow.

There's the finished product. I sure hope the ladies enjoy it.

Since It's the weekend before Valentines Day we decided to go with that theme. I put together a little Valentine bag for each of the "Sewcialites". In the bag they'll find a 1" x 4" "Fabric Town" plexi ruler, tiny plastic case for putting small items in, chocolate kisses and either a spool of thread or pack of  sewing machine needles.

This is what they look like. Who wouldn't like to get a little bag full of goodies????

This is just a basket of half of them, we have 33 ladies coming to Laugh, Eat and Sew. It's one of my favorite events, I look forward to the fun.

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