Thursday, February 2, 2012

Getting ready for our 11th Quilt Sewcial.

Next Saturday, February 11th we have our "Quilt Sewcial".  If you haven't attended any of them, you're missing a nice time.  A day that revolves around YOU. Some quality "Me" time.

We set it up at Old Chicago in Apple Valley. They have a nice Conference Center. Since it's Valentines week we'll be doing it in that theme. Red lace table cloth, hearts, chocolates and more.

We usually have between 33 and 36 attendees. At 9:00 AM they all start to arrive. Everyone is excited to see friends again and to get down to serious sewing. This is our 11th event, many of the ladies haven't missed any and a few have only missed one. That to me is a compliment  to the guests as well as the effort we put forth. My goal is to make sure each and every quilter has a good time.

There are snacks, fruit, rolls and donuts in the morning. You can nibble all day if you like. At noon, Old Chicago caters our lunch. The menu consists of homemade chili and chicken soup, rolls and crackers. Two kinds of salad - one pasta and one green leafy. Along with that there's a meat and cheese tray to make your own sandwiches. Very nicely set up and stocked. Our dinner is a Buffet Pizza Party. It consists of  5 different kinds of pizza, salads and breadsticks & rolls. I have wanted to change it, thinking it was getting old after 10 times. NO... everyone wanted it to remain the same. They said why change a good thing. So, I leave it the same each time and everyone's happy.

During the day, we have massages going on by "Steve Wilson".... known to all of us as "Stevie Wonderhands"  Not only is he good at massages, he's a genuinely nice person and very good looking. This adds to the appeal. Steve does some massages and then breaks to have lunch with us. The ladies really look forward to seeing him. After lunch he continues massaging. This event wouldn't be complete with out Steve.

When the meal is done, Carrie our hostess from Old Chicago clears the tables and we get back to sewing, talking, laughing and having fun. Projects get completed, started or just thought about.

We have show and tell, prizes and wonderful gifts. The gifts are usually hand made by Patti H and I.

The nicest part of our "Sewcial" is the friendships that are made and strengthened. An entire room full of quilters doing what they love and sharing it with others.

I am really looking forward to next weekend. It's a chance to just have fun with friends.

I will post photo's of our day. 

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