Thursday, February 23, 2012

Batiks are back

2 years ago we decided to stop carrying Batiks. With Civil War and 1930's being our main focus, we decided to concentrate in those areas. After hearing your requests for us to re-think that decision, we have started to bring the Batiks back.

 Yesterday, Scott from UPS, brought us 3 big boxes containing our first shipment. 39 wonderfully vibrant bolts. That was the first of several shipments that we expect to arrive in the next couple of weeks.
 Here are just a few snapshots of what arrived. I hope you find them as Yummy as I do. The funny thing is I have only made one quilt using Batiks, I always went for the Thimbleberries or Kansas Troubles look. Well, I have a quilt in mind that I would like to make..... it's one of my all time favorites. Can you guess?
 "Lucky Stars" by Atkinson Designs. That pattern has been out for quite a while, but is still on the top of my favorites list. I think the reason is that I can actually make it and not lose the points of my stars. That's thanks to Terry's block that floats the stars.
 I do hope you like the selection and we will continue to build our wall. As always, if there is something you would like to see us carry - let us know.  I do listen to your requests.

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