Saturday, September 3, 2011

New restaurant in town

On the corner of the Rainbow Foods strip mall in Apple Valley, is a tiny store front. I can't tell you how many businesses have occupied the spot. To my recollection I remember the TCBY, then a fancy - pizza place that only used feta and other stinky cheeses on their pizza's - and charged $16 for a small. Now the space is occupied with "Burger Time".

It opened about 2 months ago. My description of it is... very small, seats approx 25. No fancy decor - just to the point. They sell only burgers, fries, onion rings and pop. That's it, like the name says "Burger Time".

Last night I decided to give them a try. I had to go to Petco, to get Quahog some food and they're right there, so why not. I like hamburgers but they have to be done a certain way.... burned to a crisp, no juice can come out.. no color other than brown- the darker the better.

I went in and was greeted immediately. The menu was easy enough to understand. Burgers from 1/3 lb to HUGE. They come with mayo, ketchup, lettuce, onion, pickle. A combo gives you a bucket of fries, big enough to share and a large pop. So I ordered mine - hold the mayo and onion. I was specific about the "doneness" and assured that it would be to my liking.

I found a seat and waited for them to call my number "261". When called I picked up my order and was really surprised at the size of the burger. Do you remember back in the early 70's when Burger King was the rage? Their burgers were Huge, fresh and delicious. That was before they started pre-cooking them and just microwaving them before slapping them on a bun.

Well.... Burger Time is the Burger King of Old. It had that off the grill flavor, done to perfection.
The fries were great, and there was alot of them. I'm not saying it was a gourmet burger by any means but it was a very good burger. This is a place you can take a family and not go broke. My meal cost me $6.20. I left feeling full and glad that I stopped.

I plan to go back again. I like a good "well done" burger and I felt it was a good value. Not being a food critic... that's my opinion.

They have a facebook page and web site. From what I read on their site...all true, BIG BURGERS etc.

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Annemarie Yohnk said... sold me. I'll be there next time I'm in AV.