Friday, September 23, 2011

496 Yummy Colors... Oh the possibilities!!

DMC has always been the floss I was familiar with. I think it's what my Grandmother used.

Recently one of our sales reps came in and was talking about "Sullivans" floss. It was Eqyptian cotton, which is known for its strength and ability to hold color. It was said to have passed tests 3 times better than DMC.. and the hype goes on.

I'm a visual person and often skeptical of claims to be "bigger and better" than a tried and true product.

So I decided to try it myself. I took home a skein of each, DMC Red and the Sullivans Red with the same number as the DMC. I placed both skeins in seperate glasses with very warm water and a little soap. You probably wouldn't use very warm water if you were washing your quilt, but how do you know at what temp. the floss may run.

I took a spoon and swished each skein a few times then looked at the water. The glass containing the DMC had very pink water in it. The other glass which contained the Sullivans, was still clear except for the soap. The bubbles on top were still white. OK, now I believe.

We ordered the full line. It arrived on Tuesday. 496 absolutely Yummy colors. Since I'm still in the novice stage when it comes to embroidery.... the possibilities I see ahead are endless.

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