Monday, September 26, 2011

Heading to the AQS show in Des Moines.

Yes, it looks pretty bare in spots. I can hear the rumors starting already. No, we are not closing. All the wonderful samples are going to the AQS show in Des Moines.
I posted a few signs around explaining where the quilts and other samples were.
Loaded and ready to head out. I pick up Heide at 10:00 AM. Our first stop is to see Shelly at The Quilted Forest in Forest City, IA. It's been years since I've been there and now she has a new location.  Then if possible I want to swing into Country Threads and see Mary and Connie. Couple of really super ladies. I remember when Barb and I use to visit them, that was a long time ago. After that, who knows were we'll go.... It's an adventure every time Heide and I travel together. (lets just say, Heide excels at everything she does...except navigate).  I hope to see  you at the show.  


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