Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The return of Winter.

Wasn't that the start of spring last week? I vaguely remember having the doors open and letting the fresh air in.

Well, I've been up for several hours watching the return of Winter. It's unbelievable outside. The wind must be gusting to 30 mph and the snow and sleet balls are actually hitting the french doors like bb pellets. I bet the roads are glossed over from the freezing rain last night.

Fortunately, I only have 2 miles to go from home to the shop. I doubt we'll be busy, would rather see everyone stay home safely and come after the roads are cleared. However, I do appreciate all the die hard Minnesotan's that don't let a little weather keep them in.

I better get ready I need to scrape off my car. The Beetle looks like a Hostess Snowball with all the snow on it. It'll take a little longer to get there this morning, it depends on how well the City of Apple Valley & Burnsville have plowed. The nicest thing about where we use to live in AV, the Fire Chief lived up the hill - the street was always kept cleared.

Keep warm and safe,

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