Sunday, March 27, 2011

New York Beauty in progress

This is the start of my first New York Beauty. I have always admired them and wished I had the patience and skill to make one.

I thought it would be fun to make. It's not hard, just a little challenging. Paper piecing is not my forte so I'm learning a new technique. As for the curved piecing - once you figure out how to fit the pieces in, it's not hard.

The quilt top I chose has 36 blocks. I have these 4 done plus a few of the spike arcs. What is taking me the longest time is trying to make the colors flow. I went on line and looked at several sites that had NY Beauties on them. They don't seem to worry about "flow' they just put them all together and their results were fantastic.

I will keep working on it when I get a few minutes and hopefully will get it done soon.
When I do (notice the positive phrasing) I will post the photo. Don't be surprised if it's not this one.... Bright's is not my color preference, I'm thinking I would like to do it in softer shades of peach and green.

Have a great week.

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