Saturday, July 7, 2012

Helping get ready for Quilt Minnesota

Helping put kits together. Sitting on my deck, coffee and fabric - perfect way to start the day...
 Quilt Minnesota is just around the corner. Shops all over the state are getting ready for the largest shop hop of the year. From August 3rd - 18th thousands of quilters will travel from one quilt shop to another - section by section enjoying all the wonderful things being offered. Each shop is as individual as a fingerprint - no two are the same.

Since I won't be participating in the hop this year, I'm helping out a friend at her shop. Lisa from Quilting by the Hearth in Lonsdale is really making some wonderful changes. New shelving, painting not to mention the fabrics. I was so surprised when I went in and saw all the lines of fabric, notions, patterns and Kits. From the outside of her shop you'd think it was a tiny place. Once you get inside it's room after room of the prettiest fabrics. I'm a Kansas Troubles addict. WOW - I found my shop. Alot of shops have KT but always run out of the black prints.... Lisa has lots, and the rest of the colors as well. (And that's only in one of the rooms)
While Lisa and Tim work on the inside of the shop, I've taken on the job of folding kits. The sample that this kit belongs to is wonderful. It's a Miss Rosies called  "Three Barns". Notice it's in Kansas Troubles... yummm. Guess who may have to purchase this kit and make the quilt - hard to really decide, there's lots to choose from at Lisa's.  I'm going there today, if I get the chance I'll snap a picture of the quilt.

Don't forget to mark your calendar  Quilt Minnesota   August 3 - 18, 2012.  Quilting by the Hearth is in the Southeast section.... will I see you there?


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mimi'sdarlins said...

I hope you make this quilt and post it. These fabrics are beautiful! I love all Kansas Troubles quilts, it's one of the things I loved most about your shop :)